Tales of the Jedi

Episode 51 – The Rebirth of Evil

The Rebirth of Evil

Slivko collapses from the strain of controlling all the swarms and they begin to attack the others. Once the stinger moths are defeated, the south doors open allowing Aleema into the room. She notices the carnage – the piles of dead bodies as well as the three cursed Krath War Droids. The team leaves through the north door and begins to appear one-at-a-time back in the Dxun tomb. Wells is first and sees that Master Sirta is there along with Myn. The Master explains that they have been gone for 16 days and decided to check on them. She is studying a pair of scrolls she found in a hidden compartment of Freedon Nadd’s sarcophagus and Myn is looking over her shoulder. The others arrive shortly one-by-one and then the spirit of Freedon Nadd manifests itself! It mentally attacks the Master to keep her at bay while possessing Myn, using her body to throw telekinetic bolts rather than her lightsaber. After the fight, Master Sirta says that Padawan Kovani must be put to death in order to end the threat of Freedon Nadd. By analyzing her Force signature, Rune figures out that this isn’t really Jaca-Ther Sirta. While not real, the copy has all the abilities of a Jedi Master and a terrible fight ensues. At one point the Master asks how long they think they can hold out and echoes the phrase, “The shadows of men’s thoughts lengthen in the afternoon,” revealing that they are still in Carcosa. Rune is able to analyze the style of the Master continually block her while he and the others eventually overcome her. During the battle, Aleema creates a portal through which everyone can escape. They find themselves back in The Black City but this time, going through the northern door leads them to a hexagonal chamber. Five robes figures appear, one in each corner (which one missing). The tattered robes melt away to reveal Doppelgängers of Rune, Arten, Wells, Slivko and Myn. The copies seem to have the goal of killing their real counterparts so that they can mentally take their place in the real world. At one point during the fight, Aleema dives in front of a shot intended for Rune and after the evil twins are defeated, Rune tells her not to risk herself like that again for him. Beyond the six-sided room, the come to a wrought iron door with the words “WAY OUT” on it. There are alcoves with candles here and the corridor is poorly lit. Three Shadow Constructs attack the group and instill fear in some of the party members. It requires more than just weapons but also a strong will to defeat the shadows. Through the portal, they exit the city and are in The Fade with its floating islands of rock. In the distance is a larger island where some ritual is being performed by four figures cloaked in a violet veil. Leaping from rock to rock, the group is set upon by Phantoms which can kill just by looking at you. Reaching the larger island, they see currents of green energy flowing in and large Dark Anchor chains going up and down into infinity. The four figures are revealed being the purple curtain – Freedon Nadd, King Ommin, Queen Amanoa and Doppelgänger Aleema! Nadd continues the casting while the other three spell-casters fight the group. The Queen is taken down first, followed by the King. The false Aleema’s dark shield breaks, leaving just the girl and she’s knocked back. Rune demands to know what they are trying to accomplish and she tells him that she will whisper it in his ear. Stealing a kiss first, she laughs and says that they are bringing her dear cousin back! Back from the True Death where no one should ever return. The real Aleema is horrified but states that charging the chains is also their way home – the only way to stop them is to allow themselves to be trapped here. With little choice other than having to defeat him on the other side, Aleema incants and the groups begins to float upwards. Looking down, Javan sees drops of blood floating up and forming a pool below them. Rising up from this pool is the body of a man without skin but the crazed eyes are unmistakably those of Satal Keto!



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