Javan Rune

Jedi Knight


A 1.82 m tall 23 year old Human male born on Corellia. Possessing shoulder length dark-brown hair and steel-grey eyes. He wields a blue light saber.


Javan is the grandson of Jedi Knight Vullen Rune who left the order bend on conquest and fell to the darkside of the force.

Javan knew his Grandfather was a Jedi, but nothing more until he reached status of Padawan. His Master Phan-Dos told him of Vullen and his disgrace to the Jedi Order. This was a terrible shock to Javan who always knew something was hidden from him and that many times he was treated and judged harsher then the other younglings and apprentices. Javan’s first thought was to leave the Order out of shame and regret of what his grandfather had done, but he has more to worry about then himself. Javan has a force sensitive three-year-old nephew, by his older brother Rass.

Javan decided to stay and prove for his nephew’s sake that not all Rune’s are destined to fall.

As a Jedi Knight and mentor to Padawan Horath Javan as grown a lot since his Padawan days, not only in power, but in maturity. The desire to prove himself to the Masters for approval has been replaced for a grander view of making a difference for good with in the Force or the Galaxy and counter balance his Grandfather’s wake.

Sith Touched

Only a short time ago while on Deneba (3,997 BBY) Javan consented to accepting negative Sith magic with in him to spare Princess Zeeona the worst effects of a terrible Sith Curse. It is a constant effort to hold the darkness with in at bay. The process has also come with a connection to the Princess in which separation between the to over great distances causes physical harm to the young Princess.

After months of sharing the Sith curse and with the help of Aleema Kato Javen, Myn, & Vox were able through a Necronomican Exmortise ritual enter Princess Zeeona’s spirit and destroy the malediction with in her thus separating the link between the Javen and Zeeona.

Javan Rune

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