Vullen Rune

Vullen Rune was born and raised till the age of eight on the planet Malstrum. Malstrum is an arid planet located in the Outer Rim. Before Vullen it was best known for its carbonite mines. Vullen was found by then Jedi Knight Danta Orn who was on Malstrum negotiating a truce between the Consortium and minor’s union. Knight Orn identified Vullen’s natural strength in the force, when young Vullen nearly succeeded at lifting his credstick. The child’s indiscretion was over look because of his status as an orphan and the severe poverty of Malstrum’s natives. With no ties holding him back Vullen followed Knight Orn to the Jedi Enclave on Dantoonie to meet the council and be accepted for training. His strength in the force garnered approval from four of the five masters, which was enough approval to start as an apprentice. Only the newest council member Master Vandar objected to his training, no reason was recorded.

Vullen completed his apprentice training and upon reaching the level of Padawan was reunited with Orn, who was now a Jedi Master. Vullen excelled at his studies and was the very model of what a young Jedi should be. Only a few notes later learned from Master Orn’s journal showed anything to the contrary. Possession proved difficult for Vullen to conquer. Orn believed it was a result of his poverty as a child.

At the age of 18 Vullen passed his trials and became a jedi knight. As a knight Vullen distinguished himself as a great warrior during the short lived Gamorrean Wars. Following this Vullen married a wealth merchants’ daughter named Mira. The merchant disapproved and cut Mira and her new husband out of any succession wealth. According to the diary of Mira, Vullen slowly became obsessed with regaining the wealth denied to Mira for her love of Vullen, despite her assurances that their newborn son was worth more then any fortune.

A gap of three years occurred were no member of the Jedi order could locate Vullen, not even his former Master and friend Orn. When Vullen finally reemerged it was on Malstrum and it was bloody. Vullen gave the Consortium an ultimatum to relinquish all rights to the true sons of Malstrum or to be slain as the invaders they were. Unafraid of any one man, even a Jedi they declined his offer and attempted to arrest him. Only a few Consortium executives made it off Malstrum alive.

By the time Master Orn and the council learned of this, Vullen had declared himself supreme ruler of Malstrum and converted the disgruntle natives and miners into an army. Master Orn tried to reason with Vullen, but he was convinced the Force gives strength to those meant to lead and the Jedi Order now is merely a tool of the Galactic Republic to keep Force users weak and controlled. Using the power of the Darkside Vullen slew Master Orn and then with his army several other Jedi died before he was finally defeated by Master Vandar on Malstrum’s rocky peaks now know to the natives as Storms’ Peak. It was named after the strange lights and thunderous sounds observed atop the mountain during the final battle.

Vullen’s wife ashamed and heart broken passed happily into obscurity. The Jedi Order knew nothing more of Mira Rune until her grandson Javan was identified as force sensitive and entered the order.

Vullen Rune

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