Tales of the Jedi

Episode 01 - First Battle of Empress Teta
First Battle of Empress Teta

Vox hired by Galactic Museum to recover the book Satal Keto stole; Kerr used to study at the Jedi Praxeum until his Master was suddenly called away under mysterious circumstances; Master Vandar tests Horath and gives Rune his orders — protect Princess Zeeona Teta. Attack at Spaceport by hired thugs dressed as Coruscant police. First Battle of Empress Teta: Space Grazers are “real” illusions until dispelled; 60% of Chaos ships are real — ram the Republic fleet. Team meets projection of Aleema and deals with unexploded Chaos ship rupturing the hull on the way to the escape pods.

Episode 02 - The Curse of Ronika
The Curse of Ronika

Escape pods set down in separate locations on the prison planet Ronika. Vox is secretly approached by an old friend, Soolin, who offers a way off world if she will split the reward for killing the Princess. Kerr and Horath fall ill and end up at a settlement ruled with religious fear and the promise of a life-saving drug by a man named Vargas. Laran is his strong, loyal servant and Kara, a Cathar female, serves as his priestess. Knight Rune easily deals with a swarm of Singer Moths while on the way towards the Keep. Kara is attracted to Horath but Vargas attempts to sacrifice her. During the battle, Horath willing takes many harsh blows which were intended to kill Kara, who is chained to the altar. Soolin tries to assassinate Zeeona but Vox offers to duel her; Soolin is faster and out-draws her opponent but Vox had secretly given her former lover an empty blaster and shoots her dead.

Episode 04 - Time Squad
Time Squad

Having just escaped The Web, Geela travels with the group, leaving her brother behind and the only home she’s ever known. Once the sensors are working again, they detect a distress beacon nearby. It’s a small ship floating with no power and it is brought on board. Find 3 members of the crew in cryogenic sleep and 1 is dead. Meanwhile, the Enforcer One arrives out of hyperspace and brings the group’s transport on board with a tractor beam. One of the pirates is an Auron named Cally and she also received Saymon’s call (she refers to him as “The Lost”). A weasily supplicating Dug named Sebakus arrives and says that they have no quarrel with the Jedi and that Bogga the Hutt requests an audience with Princess Teta. [During a flashback it is revealed that Vox and Soolin stole more than they intended, a jewel known as the Blue Bantha, from a bar owned by Bogga] They are taken to see Captain Bu-Kos, a Weequay who wears the lightsaber of the Knight he killed as a necklace. Meanwhile, one of the crew of the mysterious smaller ship awakens and plugs the ships power into the Enforcer One. Soon, the genetic banks on board begin cranking out the citizens of their lost world — at a ratio of 10 attractive females to every 1 male. There are 13.5 billion brood units in the now devolved genetic banks and the hangar quickly begins filling with the rabid spawn. The pirates are grateful for the help in dealing with the issue but Sebakus still gasses the group for their trouble.

Episode 05 - Stardrive

The group is unconscious when they arrive on the moon of Vo Dasha, Bogga’s Stronghold. Rune & Horath share a cell while Tarrant (armor on, no weapons) & Kerr are kept in another. Vox is being chained and tortured by an Ugnaught wanting to know, “Where is it?” A female Dark Side user in black robes approaches accompanied by two girls in tight white jumpsuits. The woman known as Servalan (a.k.a. “The First”) attempts to re-engate with Vox after seeing Soolin’s death-holo but her help is rejected. On her way out, she is passed by Knight Mortalyn Vaen. Not wanting to leave empty-handed and sensing her potential, Servalan bargains with Bogga to take Geela with her. Princess Zeeona is Bogga’s newest prized slave girl. The den of villainy witnesses a crew member sacrificed to Bogga’s pet Ktriss to gain the loyalty of a smuggler who told he must kill Master Thon. The bounty hunter, Mon-Ko Jett, is at the back watching the events unfold. To gain their freedom, the group engages in separate battle for Bogga’s amusement.

Shortly after take-off, the Hutt ships are strafed by a gang known as the Space Rats who fly small choppers which are so fast they are almost invisible. Vox knows the location of their base and Zeeona deduces that her professor, Dr. Plaxton must have completed her photonic stardrive which uses light instead of plasma to provide thrust. With no hyperspace engine, the team has little choice but to head to the planet of Caspar, the chopper’s homebase. Dr. Plaxton and her assistant Napier are there and are being forced to work by Atlan, the leader of the Space Rats — they just care about sex, violence, booze and speed; no respect for life. After dealing with the gang members, the team takes over the base — the perfect place for the Princess to hide — and installs the Stardrive into Soolin’s transport ship, now named the Sunjammer.

Episode 06 - Battle of Deneba
Battle of Deneba

[We open with Servalan instructing her girls to take Geela and prepare her while she mediates at the Highest of Hollies, The Place of Rebirth, The Womb of the Mother. Inside, we see her speaking with her Master. She explains that Vox refused to rejoin but he says it is no matter — there was another there he wanted her to observe.]
On Caspar, the Jedi Knights receive a telepathic call from Master Odan-Urr to assemble at The Jedi Conclave on Deneba. Hundreds of years since it last happened, nearly 10,000 Jedi gather in an amphitheater at the base of Mount Meru. Many droids are present to offer water and refreshments although the atmosphere is grave. Master Arca Jeth warns Knight Vaen that one whom she travels with will fall to the Dark Side unless she intervenes. Other Jedi present include Knights Shoaneb Culu and Dace Diath as well as Padawan Daara Raa. Knight Ulic Qel-Droma pulls Javan Rune aside in an attempt to gain support for his radical plan which he presents to the assembly. He suggests infiltrating the Krath to learn their secrets instead of a lengthy war. His plan is immediately met with scorn from many including Master Shavoto. During a recess, an illusion of Aleema appears in the group’s tent; she warns them that Satal is out of control and is about to declare war on the Jedi. Just then, Tetan Corsair ships drop into low orbit and release a barrage of life-pods, revealing an army of fiendishly constructed war droids protected by glowing Sith runes. In addition, the lesser servant droids turn on their masters. Although Jedi Master Arch Jeth fights well by using a short-circuit Force technique he learned during the Great Droid Revolution, he is slain by a Krath War Droid. The death toll is appalling including a group of Younglings who were simply here on a field trip and the circle of Knights who died trying to protect them …

Episode 07 - Living in Harmony
Living in Harmony

Rune helps lift the curse from the Princess by allowing Master Vandar to transfer the Sith magic out of her and into Javan. No longer in a mental cloud, Zeeona pleads her case before the Senate but is told that her people will have to accept Krath control for the time being. There is another attempt on her life as assassin droids attack in the night. At Vandar’s request, the group stops by the agriworld of Ruan to check on Knight Mij Cadun. Arriving in the rural town of Harmony, the locals stare at the group and are hassled by some hired guns. Vaen gets a vision of what happened to the Knight — killed without his lightsaber; the local sheriff, Mas Shaa, relates how the body was found cut to pieces and left on the street (never caught who did it). While visiting a local mine, the gunslingers hassle Vox when she is alone and this time she kills them. The town asks for the team’s help since they had hired the guns to protect them from a group of criminals being released tomorrow. The Truth Will Out; when the Weequay criminals arrive, the human leader of their gang reveals that the town had hired them to kill Knight Cadun because he had discovered that the Phrik mine was on government land instead of private land owned by the town. However, the thugs started pushing people around so they framed them for stealing Phrik and were sentenced to one year in jail. Hara Beld, the wife of the hotel owner, was the only member of the town who tried to help Knight Cadun. The group helps her leave town and a Force Ghost can be seen in the distance the Jedi Knight’s grave is finally marked …

Episode 08 - Homecoming

As the Sunjammer leaves Ruan, a bored pirate leader opens a channel and demands they jettison half the Phrik which they presume in on board. Arriving back in the Empress Teta System, they land on Zeeona’s home world — Kirrek. She places a veil over her face and dresses in clothes left behind by Soolin but is so beloved that she is still recognized by an elderly couple outside of a major metropolis. In the city, they see Krath soldier everywhere and witness rebels attacking a troop transport. They contact the resistance through Chevner who was trying to stop the Krath from taking more young girls for some unknown purpose. Taken to the Rebel Base in some unfinished underground transport tubes, they meet Avalon, the head of the Resistance, speaking with her other right-hand man, Terloc. Avalon explains that Zeeona is a symbol for the rebellion but the Princess proposes a policy of non-violence to win the hearts of the people and explains that the some of the Krath soldiers are natives of Kirrek. The Rebels gain momentum and knock out a communication relay and signs can be seen that the tide is turning while at the same time getting reports of some unusual activity at The Skytower — the base of Krath operations on this world. However, the Krath troops begin to pull out; the rebels are certain they have won! Zeeona gives a moving speech that today will be known as their Sovereignty Day but it is interrupted by Space Commander Travis as Krath troops and Mutoids appear at every entrance. They begin killing random rebels until Avalon reveals herself, demanding to know who betrayed us. Travis begins to take the Princess and Avalon away and once cleared of the room, the troops begin firing — even killing Terloc who reveals himself as the traitor. Vaen rushes after Travis and manages to delay him for a time although at the cost of her lightsaber.

Episode 09 - Goodbye, Kirrek
Goodbye, Kirrek

Heading them off at the spaceport, the group manages to rescue the Princess from being raped by the Krath soldiers before being taken off-world (Travis is not there, having gone on ahead). Speeding back through the city, the Knights sense danger from The Skytower. Viscount Mordecai is sacrificing young virgins in the basement in an elaborate ritual where the girls are placed on vertical platforms and connected by tubing, bleeding out through each other. The Viscount knows some Sith magic and is able to create illusion copies of himself and attack the Jedi with magic missiles. He is also defended by more Mutoids — chemically and magically modified girls. The group defeats Mordecai but Force-sensitive blood is spilled in the center of the room, completing the ritual! The team races out of the city in a speeder, trying to return to their ship but bounty killer Mon-Ko Jett is there waiting for them. He uses special smoke grenades made with living “sea monkeys” to blind the Jedi and, together with his other armaments and preparations, it’s all they team can do to slow him down by pinning him under the speeder so they can make their escape. In order, they see the mystical green Vortex envelope the whole city — and two more just like it. The Princess is saddened by the deaths of her people — 3 cities destroyed in a flash. Realizing that she must confront Satal, even if it means marrying him to stop the innocent deaths, she will. With tears flowing down her face she says, “Take me to Koros.”

Episode 11 - Krath Hospitality
Krath Hospitality

Instead of fighting the Carbonite Miners, Jedi Knight Rune makes other plans with Chairman Bearus (head of the Guild). The night before the wedding, Handmaiden Hurlee approaches Padawan Kerr to help her steal the Necronomicon Exmortus; using a mind trick to make sure she stays behind, he attempts to obtain the book on his own but is unable to get past the Sith magick defenses. Having managed to sneak into the Citadel on her own, Vox comes up behind Kerr but he does not stay to see if she was successful. Aleema shows Rune her Dark Side serpentine pet and he tries to discourage her from eating the mucus sacs at the end of its quills. During the night, assassins smash through a skylight; Hurlee, left in a vulnerable position by Kerr’s mind trick, is killed. Kerr is badly injured and taken to a room to recover. Deep beneath the Iron Citadel, Vaen & Horath are shown to be undergoing “Political Education”.

Episode 12 - The Most Important Day of Your Life
The Most Important Day of Your Life

Horath has memories of being captured and frozen in Carbonite; shivering cold and unable to see he is chained and hanging in the political re-education cavern along with Vaen. The torture is affecting her visions — she sees Kerr forcing Hurlee to stay in his room where she is raped by palace guards then later Kerr feeding off her entrails like some feral creature. The Krath doctor poisons Kerr with Mortosis; Satal offers him a vial containing a Sith alchemy cure — but at the cost of begin drawn closer to the Dark Side. Aleema requests Rune to come to her room where she draws a protective circle where they can speak freely. She confesses to doing bad things under the influence of the Book. She also reveals that a copy was made and it’s on Onderon. Meanwhile, Satal reveals his true intentions for Zeeona with his Twi’lek sex slave. The Wedding begins and everyone is dressed in white. Satal gives the first planet-wide holonet broadcast in which he promises to lead the planet into a glorious new age. As the vows are about to be exchanged, the Carbonite Miners attack and new Carbonite Krath War Droids rise up on a platform. In the chaos, Cerean Jedi Knight Bi-Dar (Shun-Di’s brother) appears to assist. During the fight, Vean appears to kill Space Commander Travis. By the end, Satal himself is killed and it is revealed that the Necronomicon Exmortus was been stolen! Epilogues include Vox waiting for the others on the Sunjammer — with the Book — and Travis tearing the bandages off his face, now missing an eye, and swearing that, “If it takes all my life, I will find you and I will kill you Mortalyn …”


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