Tales of the Jedi

Episode 41 – To Kill A Senator
To Kill A Senator

Shortly after arriving on Coruscant, Slivko goes off on his own for a time while Arten overhears a nearby argument at the spaceport. Rune and Myn discover it’s their old friend Captain Jenif Wells who is trying to be charged more by the pilot of the transport. After a little Jedi intimidation, Wells retrieves her baggage and explains her predicament in a local cantina. She was forced to jettison some questionable cargo and now a Hutt owns her ship, The Crimson Hawk, and she needs to earn enough to buy it back. Leaving Wells with Arten, Rune and Myn debrief at the Temple. It turns out that Senator Shae is not a rat and informed the Council that he was happy with their help. The Masters inform Rune that there have been death threats against any senator who might possibly be a successor to the previous Supreme Chancellor Sidrona Diath. The Jedi have offered some token additional protection services while the Senate Guard investigates. Rune is assigned to protect an aged Duros Senator named Bendak Crazell (who will also pay for additional bodyguards). As a last order of business, the Council says that both Knight Vara Nreem and Padawan Horath have been missing too long and are presumed dead. They suggest that Rune become Myn’s Knight and he agrees. Javan checks the database and discovers that the Jedi are planning on sending another Knight in one final attempt to bring Ulic back but that Vandar has recommended that it not be Rune. The group goes to the senate and the building is bustling with activity. Coming out of Bendak’s office they see at attractive intense looking woman with raven hair, razor cut on one side with designs etched in wearing tight leathers. The receptionist ushers them into the inner office where they meet Senator Crazell and his assistant, Roi Remor. They have all full itinerary and need to get going. First up is a cocktail function at an art gallery where a man with bushy eyebrows gives Wells a false alarm when he reaches into his jacket for an autograph datapad. Later, at a walk-a-thon, a sniper in a window across the way attempts to kill the senator but Arten dispatches his with a single well-aimed burst. The next day, another attempt is made on the senator’s life – this time at an indoor hall at a university. The 20 heavily armored campus security guards turn on Crazell and start shooting. All but the most essential events have now been cleared from Bendak’s schedule but a 35,000 credit a plate fundraising dinner at a fancy hotel cannot be cancelled. Bomb-sniffing droids, metal detectors and other precautions are taken but 15 Assassin Droids have been stashed underneath the tables themselves. Rune anticipates it and slashes down on one of the tables, revealing the hidden threat! During the fight, Myn takes the senator into the kitchen and hast to fend off two droids long enough to buy time for Arten to help. After the brutal battle, Roi attempt to kill Crazell and he is revealed to be a Chameleon Droid. As they rush the senator out of the hotel, the real Roi is discovered hidden away – dead. Up until this point, the Senator has been unusually calm with multiple threats on his life but seeing Remor’s body changes his whole demeanor. As the motorcade speeds away (low to the ground of a park/platform), an explosion lifts the lead car with Myn in it up off the ground. A group of 4 assassins make another attempt on Crazell’s life; they go by the code names of Dead Eyes, C-Strike, Fuze and Killshot. After defeating the trained killers, Rune approaches the Senator and asks him if he thinks this has gone on long enough and isn’t it time he ends it. Bendak is shocked that the Jedi Knight figured it out and confesses! Breaking down in tears over Roi, he says that no one else was ever meant to get hurt. The plans was for the senator to be killed while still working for the Senate and thus get a major extra payoff for his family. You see, he was recently diagnosed with a terminal illness and wanted to be able to secure his grandchildren’s future. But he doesn’t know how to stop it – Roi handled all the arrangements. Rune arrests Bendak and ensures that his assets are frozen and he is placed in a Senate prison cell (muttering something under his breath which only Myn hears). The mysterious razor-cut haired assassin is watching via monoculars from a nearby building. She tells her female Cathar associate that it’s over and they will leave with what’s left of their profit, foregoing the second half of the payment. Episode ends.

Episode 40 – The Reach of The Darkside
The Reach of The Darkside

Slivko shows up at the spaceport since, after escaping prison, he knew it would be difficult to book passage off-world without the team’s help. He held up his end of the bargain by helping in SOI-SONA Town and returned to prison so he did not violate his word to the Jedi. In a flashback, we see Vox taken captive by pirates after disabling the engines. The last group of Pirate Guild members is held up behind a secret panel in the engine room as the Corland military arrests the others. When Vox doesn’t emerge from the Night’s Greed, the group enters to find her. Sensing life, they are drawn to her location and quickly dispatch the pirates. Slivko helps but even still, Rune tells him to step away from Vox – concerned over what he might do to the sleeping exotic beauty. Once she awakens, she is torn but decides to catch up with Jane and go in search of the treasure and the 3rd sister. Myn is sad that Vox would choose to leave them over money. Afterwards, Myn is sweating and sluggish and says she doesn’t feel well and faints. Back on The Sunjammer en route to Coruscant, Myn is resting. Asleep, she doesn’t see Freedon Nadd appear to Rune to try to get him to accept the offered training and to use the Dark Side to cure Myn. If Rune doesn’t, Nadd gloats that she will die before they exit hyperspace. Javan chides the Dark Lord that the extent of his much-vaunted powers seems limited to hurting children. Clever not to tip Nadd off to his plan, Rune has Slivko administer the herbicide acquired previously by Vox while Javan places Myn in a calming meditation. Their combined efforts are successful and Nadd’s influence is driven off with a frustrated scream. Later, when Myn wakes up, Slivko mentions that she had been struggling against the Dark Side – something which Rune had wanted to keep from her. Myn seems very troubled by this. The episode ends with Arten and Slivko talking in the mess hall and Rune bursting in to warn Slivko that he can play games with him but that he should take care to leave his padawan alone.

Episode 39 – The Night’s Greed
The Night’s Greed

As part of the departure preparations, an underling informs The Adversary that an extra crate of syrup arrived along with complaints of loud music. The Adversary demands that they take off at once – he knows it’s Rune! As Vox goes to disable the engines, Rune senses one of the life forces die within a crate. Opening them, they find drugged girls supplied by The Warden wearing oxygen masks under a false bottom and covered in Shuura syrup. One of the masks leaked and the team takes time to free them as the cargo hold is sealed and The Adversary taunts them over the PA system. The frigate begins to lift up while the cargo ramp is still down and then the ship is intentionally tilted to try and toss them out the hold. Rune climbs out along the outside to find another way in and open the cargo hold door from the other side. As The Night’s Greed climbs up without clearance, another ship crashes into it causing the larger frigate to lurch! Myn is hanging off the ramp as it begins to close (nearly cutting her in half) as heavy objects tumble past her. Vox is partially successful disabling the engines and manages to slow their ascent to orbit. We learn about “Blue Monday” – the day Arten killed the last Pirate Guild King and had to fight his way out of the room. Likewise, the group begins to fight their way through the ship, killing 100 pirates as they make their way to the bridge. The Adversary is not there but they see that cargo is being jettisoned in the hopes of reaching escape velocity since the engines are not strong enough. From the bridge, Rune shuts the outer door of the shuttle bay where The Adversary is and fries the nav computer so the ship can’t jump to lightspeed (including a password to override a course change). Killing the posted guards, the group enters the shuttle bay where Risha “Kringar” Terriz, Krig Jhcor and a female cyborg doll stall the heroes while The Adversary jumps into a fighter and launches through the now re-opened bay doors. Rune tries to hold the fighter with the Force but The Adversary makes good his escape. Later, Risha – without her cybernetic legs – is made to land the ship where the Corland military begins to apprehend the pirates.

Episode 38 – Sticky Situations
Sticky Situations

Having not met up with Jane, Vox and Arten give Slivko one night out after supplying them with valuable information concerning the Pirate Guild, after which they return him to prison. Knowing Rune was heading to SOI-SONA, they head to the Midnite Bar since The Magician works out of there. Kaya and Rune also head there since someone has quickly set up shop just hours after the massacre. The four arrive to find the bar under “new management” – there are only a few dancers but someone calling himself The Wizard has re-opened and is using stick droids (inappropriately adorned with wigs and lipstick) as enforcers. The four make short work of the droids, although Vox is tripped up by one of the drunk patrons who manages to get her gun and hang onto it for an awkwardly long time. Rune is able to intimidate the Wizard into leaving but Aldor Abermiaci swears that they have not seen the last of him! Kaya stays to make sure no one else muscles in while the three return to Dr. Zahavi’s main safe house. Jane and Kath-Rinn are doing fine but perhaps the plant material takes longer to absorb in Twi’liks since Myn’s recovery is slower. Rune stays next to her bed all night and is shockingly confronted by the spirit of Freedon Nadd who says that he wants to teach Rune how to use the Dark Side to help his padawan. Nadd gives him 48 hours at which time he will kill Myn and warns him not to seek help from anyone and that he will be watching. Vox and Arten take the time to heal and Arten even makes use of one of Avis’ experimental plants which increases his healing rate with luckily no side effects. Myn’s fever breaks and Dr. Zahavi gives her a prescription for a mild herbicide just in case she needs it but encourages her to see a doctor when she gets back to Coruscant in three days. Rune, Vox, Arten and Myn then leave for Stanyard where they learn from Corland Government Agent Nistal Vagan that the negotiations have been stopped since Senator Dorean Shae returned to Coruscant on critical business. Next, using the information supplied by Slivko’s contact, they go to the Fitzhugh Starport where the “merchant” frigate Night’s Greed is preparing to depart. Vox sneaks on board and witnesses a port authority inspector open up a crate of Shuura fruit syrup and is satisfied but later she overhears two pirates express relief that he didn’t check further. Rune uses a mind trick to take over a forklift and drives it up the ramp into the cargo hold and has a conversation with one of the other pirates. The pirate makes it sound like there are new recruits in the crates – with oxygen masks (only 1 in 10 is faulty) – but Rune deduces that it is girls from the prison. This terrifies Vox, thinking that they are warrior dolls, and they leave the crates sealed after defeating the pirates in the first hold, including four in Grav-lift suits. Rune had cleverly blasted the music loudly to cover the sound of blaster shots but one pirate had already gone to inform his commanding officer so the team knows that time is short …

Episode 37 – Seeds of Deception
Seeds of Deception

Walking out of the prison, Vox goes with Arten and Slivko to meet up with Jane in the pre-arranged location in a different city (since it was too risky for Jane to hold-up in SIDU town). Kaya is assisting with the drugged Kath-Rinn and together with Rune are about to get in a speeder themselves when Rune gets a soon-to-be Danger sense premonition. Waiting for them outside the prison is a group of six Pirates left there by The Adversary since he suspected Warden Sargan was lying about not having the second tattooed girl. The lead pirate states that if they are allowed to photograph the back of the girl then the group can go and radios someone else to wait as a sniper opens fire on Kaya (who looks more like Jane from behind with her long blonde hair than does Kath-Rinn with her short cut and colorized hair). It is difficult to deal with the half dozen pirates with the Sniper on top of the dome – who is able to “aim down the sights” which prevents Rune from reflecting the shots back and makes them more difficult to deflect. Rune tells Kaya to take Kath-Rinn to the base of the dome so they are protected from the sniper. After the pirates have been dealt with, in a daring maneuver, Rune uses the speeder to close the distance with the sniper while the vehicle is undergoing heavy fire. Knowing it can’t take another hit, he loops his belt around the stick to keep the speeder flying and jumps onto the hood. As the speeder takes the final hit and explodes, he leaps off and closes the distance with the sniper – who turns out to be a female in tight-fitting clothes and wearing a helmet that covers her face. Rune defeats her and removes the helmet of the unconscious mysterious sniper to reveal Jane Royale! The group travels to SOI-SONA where Kath-Rinn’s mug shot is on posters saying, “Wanted: Unharmed”. Kaya has a contact here she can trust – Dr. Avis Zahavi, a late 30’s female doctor who uses to fix up Kaya’s girls when they got roughed up by a client. She is a licensed medical doctor and chooses to work where she can do the most good, rather than earning the most money with an expensive practice in a city like Stanyard. Her main passion is research into photomorphogenesis (the applied aspects of the effects of light on plant development). Dr. Zahavi is shocked to see what happened to her friend’s face and quickly takes the group inside since as far as she knows they have just escaped from prison. Avis begins taking care of both Jane and Kath-Rinn while Rune and Kaya get some much needed rest. (The viewer sees Jane wake and hit Dr. Zahavi over the head) In the middle of the night, Rune is awoken by the Force to a danger in his room! Multiple small robotic snakes filled with a lethal poison have been released through the house. In addition, Kath-Rinn was spotted being taken inside earlier and a large group of homeless vagrants have broken in to try and cash-in on the bounty. Rune defeats the vagrants and the snakes but not before some of the homeless have been bitten. By the time Avis recovers, it is too late to save them. Jane is found still resting next to Kath-Rinn and Dr. Zahavi discovers what’s wrong with her – a seed-like plant cluster at the back of her throat. She makes plans to surgically remove it when Jane’s life-signs start slipping while Rune and Kaya board up the house to defend against another attack since it is not safe to move her (meanwhile, a creepy street girl is seen watching the house). Avis realizes that the seed cannot be removed without killing Jane. In order to get some answers, she feels it’s safe to give Jane an adrenaline boost to wake her. It works and Jane is initially fearful, as if her last memory was that of being attacked. But then quickly a change washes over her and she says she’s fine. To which Javan quickly states, “Restrain her!” Jane, clearly not herself, struggles but cannot give free and she is sedated. The team first moves to a secondary but not-as-nice safe house. Kaya knows a girl who works at the Midnite Bar and she gets them in. But the much vaunted “fortress” appears to just be a clubbed filled with patrons and exotic dancers. However, suddenly, about half the girls look right at Rune and Kaya and draw hidden blasters! The pair defeat the girls and head upstairs where they see Tavege the Magician and four more dancers armed with carbines as well as The Adversary, two pirates and Myn. The Adversary was going to take Myn with him but instead says he will leave her with Tavege who will make sure she is “used thoroughly” and that after a month of this treatment, her mind will break and there won’t be anything left of the padawan he once knew since – even when under control – the girls are aware of everything that happens to them. Saying he is not yet ready to fight a Jedi Knight, The Adversary leaves. Rune fights Myn one-on-one while the others watch. Myn uses the Force to ask her master to kill her before she can hurt anyone but he is able to knock her back with the Force and defeat her without hurting her. Eventually Rune and Kaya prove victorious but Tavege is difficult to kill since he has three floating orbs around him which can both defend and attack. In the end, Rune cuts off both of The Magician’s arms and splits his armor in two, revealing the horrific plant-man underneath. The death of Tavege causes all of the seeds to die as well and Myn and the other surviving girls cough them up. The episode ends with the group returning to Dr. Zahavi’s secondary safe house where the healthy and happy Jane and Kath-Rinn can be seen in a back room speaking to each other for the very first time. The twins turn and look right at the camera as a knowing smirk spreads across Jane’s lips. Fade to black.

Episode 36 – Hammer Into Anvil
Hammer Into Anvil

After the riot, Vox catches up with the rest of the group as a second wave of guards arrives. Some members of the team mount astro-harnesses and take the fight to the air. Kaya dives down past the cells, making some of the guards chase her and sees that there is water (likely waste) at the very bottom of the Yard. After defeating the second wave, the team flies up to The Warden’s office at the top of the structure, near the center skylight. Warden Sargan was certainly ready for them and confronts them with a group of his personal security droids, two of his best warrior dolls and his head of security. At one point, Rune gets blown back through the broken window but Kaya was able to swoop down and grab him. During the fight, Myn uses the Force to reach out to Javan and cries out, “Master, help! The Magician has me.” Later, it would be revealed that The Magician is the boss of another town on Shulimik known as SOI-SONA. The Warden’s security detail is defeated when Rune returns the favor and uses the Force to hold Sargan above the pit and forces him to order the remaining doll to stand down. After the fight, Slivko identifies a guard who should be trustworthy and Rune confirms his choice using the Force. The Warden is taken into custody and Vox hacks into his computer to clear their records. She also makes sure that the other 5 drugged girls are safe. Rune makes a deal with Slivko for one night out including dinner and access to his music when he returns to prison in exchange for his help finding Myn.

Episode 35 – Riotous Symphony
Riotous Symphony

Vox, wounded, hangs back to help guard Kath-Rinn and the other five drugged girls. Returning to the adult female quadrant (‘D’ block), Rune meets up with the other convicts that Arten had previously left word to be there and ready “when the stacco starts to go down”: Groex Creel (a burly former mob enforcer), Kaya Krytal (a tough girl who helped others in the sex trade and who scared her own face to avoid ‘E’ block), and Dr. Slivko (a highly intelligent pianist and sadistic killer). The group enters The Yard where a full-on riot is underway! Both ground-based an d astro-harness guards clash with prisoners. Dr. Silvko calmly walks through the carnage while seeming to be conducting a symphony that only he can hear. He psychoanalyzes the guards to throw them off their game and then maims them in appropriate ways including making three blind, deaf and dumb with skillfully precise slashes from his shivs. Kaya helps Rune and Arten and sticks with them through the fight but the battle proofs too much for Creel who ends up returning to his cell after the guards fired rockets into the crowd. Ultimately the team is successfully at defeating the first wave of guards.

Episode 34 – The Doll Factory
The Doll Factory

Myn goes shopping to make breakfast for herself and Rune. While out, she smell fresh fruit and goes into a store to buy them but realizes that she doesn’t have any money. She tries to trade entertainment for them and jumps around with her lightsaber, accidentally cutting a display stand. The shocked clerk insists on giving her a full crate of fruit but then calls the police after she leaves. Happily walking down the street, humming to herself eating a fruit she doesn’t notice one fall out. Floating droids stop her for littering then realize that her description matches that of the wanted “armed robber”. She cries out to Rune as she resists arrest. He rushes out to help her and manages to destroy multiple droids but a lucky stun bolt hits him square in the back. Rune & Myn are separated during the onboarding. Rune learns of the four quadrants of the prison: ‘A’ block for young girls, ‘B’ for juvenile boys, ‘C’ for adult males and ‘D’ for adult women. Arten, a Freeorin warrior, has an encounter with a bully and manages to take a human maximum punch without being phased. We also see the Man in Blue speak with the Warden about the other Royale sister. The Warden denies that he has her so the mysterious Pirate Guild operative checks the cameras himself and sees another girl to take so he will not leave empty-handed. Vox and Rune find a way to use a network of other inmates to pass messages to each other and make plans for an escape. They break out of their cells and retrieve their gear, learning that Myn has been discharged according to the computer. Making their way to the mysterious ‘E’ block, the guards there have had time to mount a defense so when they group open the door there is a firefight. They rescue Kath-Rinn and confront the surgeon who has six fully completed female cyborg warriors (not love-dolls) ready to attack the group. In an extremely difficult fight, the team is successful but lean that the conversion process is irreversible – the surgeon removes portions of the girl’s brains which cannot be replaced. Upon learning this, Vox breaks the surgeon’s hands. Rune warns that as a force sensitive, she risks herself if she continues to take such dark actions …

Episode 33 – Hard Time
Hard Time

After killing Domingo, Belga and Dogg, Jane Royale appears. She says that the Jedi just cost her a lot of money by killing all those wanted men and the least they could do is let her bring in the captured Imago Rile-Lo. Later, Jane tries to capture Vox using non-lethal weapons since she has a price on her head, too. Afterwards, it is explained that Vox’s record has been cleared. While dealing with Jane, the Pirate Guild shows up from out of the toxic mist. A mysterious man dressed in blue robes which also cover his unmoving face slashes Jane’s jumpsuit to reveal an intricate tattoo covering her back. The group defeats the ten pirates while the mysterious blue-robed adversary escapes. Jane explains that she is one of Captain Nel-son’s three twin daughters and the ink on their backs will lead to his legendary treasure. The vast riches are of interest to Vox and even the Jedi have standing orders to track down any rumors related to the treasure, presumably since it also includes priceless Jedi artifacts. One of Jane’s sisters, Kath-Rinn, lives on Shulimik in SIDU Town, located in Corland but the prison and surrounding area is treated as a separate District with its own laws. The metropolitan area has a high percentage of law enforcement and crime is the lowest here than any other place in Corland due to the aggressive policing. Jane has tracked her sister – separated at birth – here but is afraid the Pirate Guild may have found her first since they have now come after her. At Kath-Rinn’s apartment, they learn that she was arrested and taken to SIDU prison. Vox intentionally smashes a window to get arrested. During processing, Warden Sargan introduces himself to the new inmates and demonstrates what happens to those who try to escape. Two attractive females tear apart the criminals with their bare hands. Vox is able to supply Rune and Myn with some updates during visiting periods but then learns that Kath-Rinn was taken to the mysterious ‘E’ block. Vox sneaks in and finds where she is being held (drugged) and witnesses a surgeon in the process of modifying one of the girls into a cyborg “doll”!

Episode 32 – Soft Targets
Soft Targets

Knight Rune, Myn and Vox appear before the Jedi Council to debrief them on the events in the Empress Teta system. Rune asks to be included in any future plans involving Ulic Qel-Droma. Master Vandar implies that perhaps a Knight with more distance would be better. Master Doe-nar thanks Vox for her assistance and informs her that she has Rune to thank for petitioning to clear her criminal record. Also, Knight Vara Nreem cannot be reached so Rune is asked to continue watching over Myn. The Council then suggests that Rune escort Senator Dorean Shae to Shulimik since it is considering joining the Republic. During the flight, Dorean tells Vox that it is really him she should thank for clearing her record. Once on Shulimik, Rune assists the Senator with the negotiations by recounting Coruscant history in that it was once three nations: Correlian, Duros and Tong. Rune is happy to see that the SAI Stellar Corporation is not represented. Rune scolds Myn when she risks embarrassing the Order by nearly falling asleep in the audience. A few days in, Corland Government Agent Nistal Vagan appears and asks for Rune’s help. A group of Timarland Liberation Front terrorists have taken a group of orphans hostage and will only negotiate with the Jedi. The leave Stanyard and take a speeder to the rural town of Agrestic. Outside of town is the “Almost Home” orphanage in an area called Rust Ridge. The media is everywhere and the stand-off has been going on for 51 days. They meet Director Lee Ransom who has setup speakers around the complex what blast horrible music and the sound of animals being slaughtered non-stop to try and get the TLF to surrender. Ransom explains that they tried an earlier sneak assault and all the cops ended up dead plus a boy was killed so he has not wanted to risk any more children. Without hills around the walled complex, there are no good sniper positions and he is reluctant to attempt another fly-over. Rune speaks with Imago Rile-Lo who is in charge of the operation at Agrestic. He is called the “All Father” by his followers and has even ‘married’ several of the older 12 and 14 year old girls in traditional Timari rituals. He forces many of the children to spend each day digging one hole in the backyard to “build character”. Inside, Vox speaks with the only female among the TLF, Fatima Umbra. She tells Vox, who is posing as a medic, that some of the girls are beaten but only when they refuse to be indoctrinated. To test if the Jedi can deliver, he demands a porterhouse boveen steak lunch with the bone still in and in exchange he will release one child. He next two demands are more difficult – the release of the People’s Champion, Akopyan Faust and transportation to the free non-Corland country of their choice. Pulling some strings, Dorean calls the Corland president and convinces him that saving orphans will make everyone look good. The Jedi manage to secure the release of Faust and while transporting him, there is a rush to figure out why Imago is not happy that it happened so quickly. They learn that Faust’s cellmate was Libb Stut who had robbed an armored speeder and got away with 2 million credits. He ditched his partners and hid the money. Police worked on him for months and got nothing but it only took two weeks and a near fatal beating for Faust to narrow down the location of the money to the orphanage. But Faust got carried away with his interrogation and put Libb into a coma before he could discover the exact hiding place. Rune teamed up with the federal agents and contacted an old woman who used to work at the orphanage. She recalled a favorite tree where Stut used to hide things and an elite team of officers were able to sneak in and retrieve it even with the children working double time to dig. Rune then bartered Faust and the credits in exchange for Imago only bringing 6 of his men and 5 of the children. The rest of the children were immediately freed and the remaining TLF, including Fatima, left behind to defend the “holy place”. Vox and Myn were hiding in specially made compartments on the transport and were able to tip off Rune and Nistal who were following in another speeder (unable to be tracked since the transport’s radar had been sabotaged). The transport landed near a larger ship and the TLF were confronted as they were climbing the ramp. A fight ensued in which his lieutenants (Domingo, Belga and Dogg) were killed but Imago was left unconscious and injured. Faust, not wanting the Jedi to follow, launched a life pod with the five Rile-Lo brides. Turning to gloat, Rune used the Force to destroy one of his ships instrumentation panels which was enough to scare Faust off – getting away with only one follower … and the 2 million credits.


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