Tales of the Jedi

Episode 18 - Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?
Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

After a debriefing with the Jedi Council, Rune and Vaen encounter Channa Quo and her padawan Chupa-Pau speaking with Lissa Eckhardt and Endon Locke in the halls of the Jedi Temple. Locke is a private detective and explains that Lissa hired him to find her brother, Thoma, who went missing after being released from prison. The group flies back on the ship which Locke had booked to get to Coruscant – The Crimson Hawk, whose crew consists of the long red haired pilot Captain Jennif Wells, Navigator Ruce Steiner, engineer Nold “Nolie” Laine, and gunner/medic Che-Li Win. Arriving on the non-Republic world of Shulimik, the ship sets down in the Fitzhugh Starport in Stanyard, the capital city of the nation of Corland. The city is situated atop a plateau surrounded by dense orange clouds that fill the lowlands. The pollution is so bad here that many wear face masks.
Rune flirts with a clerk at the Office of the Department of Correctional Facilities (DoCF) and learns that Thoma Eckhardt’s records are restricted, prompting an after-hours break in where it is learned that Arran Fylde, the Director of the DoCF worked with prison governor Hendrik King and warden Owain Lewis to illegally supply inmates to the SAI Stellar Corporation for biogenetic experiments in return for generous payments. Normally only targeting prisoners without a next of kin, due to a clerical error Thoma’s sister Lissa was not listed on his file. Meanwhile, SAI begins getting nervous regarding all the questions being asked about Thoma and begins the cover-up. Lissa is nearly killed when she is run down by a mysterious black speeder and a squad of SAI agents led by Elite Agent Sone show up to silence the group. Tarrant is badly injured by a sniper and Vaen is gassed but many of the agents are killed, including Sone, and the rest driven off.

Episode 17 - Ghost of the Past
Ghost of the Past

Preparations are being made for the Funeral Procession of Jedi Master/ Supreme Chancellor of the Republic Sidrona Diath. Taking part is a male Trandoshan Knight Druss Shol with a Kushiban (0.5 meter rabbit-like alien) Padawan Jospi Shysa and a female Togruta Knight Channa Quo with female Ortolan (fat blue long snout) Padawan Odala Chupa-Pau. Channa and Rune notice Knight Shol using The Force on the Elite Coruscant Police in the lead car — a disgusting abuse of the Living Force — perhaps too many Knights doing the same has angered The Force? Tarrant is upset that the Princess choose another guardian to sit beside her on the flotilla. As one of the police officers boards the float, he points at Vox and makes a mock “pistol” with his fingers. During the procession, the Jedi sense a disturbance in the Force as Shol kills the Lippe Orreto, Mayor of District B13. This is the hardest battle yet, against elite mind-controlled opponents (both police and Jedi) who the team does not want to hurt, firing at range across on floating platforms. As the fight goes badly, nearby Masters arrive to deal with the situation before more tragedy strikes. Investigating Shol’s quarters, they find multiple charcoal sketches on the walls of the same location. Vox recognizes a landmark in Undercity — The Outlander Club. Based on the angle, Kerr is able to calculate based on the angle that the club could only be seen from a certain place. Rune instructs the Jedi to leave their lightsabers behind in case one of them is controlled. Once there, a Force Ghost appears before them — Lord Satal Keto! Revealing that he is the force behind the killings and that Aleema had used Sith magic to raise him only to be killed again by Qel-Droma. He grants them a vision of the Princess — dying; he’s doing nothing to her — merely simulating a great distance and letting Duke Threnhold’s curse run its course. The three Jedi engage in a difficult battle of wills to try and banish the ghost. During the fight, Horath almost sacrifices too much of his Lifeforce to try and protect Rune and Kerr unbelievably tries to tap into the power of the Dark Side, which only fuels the Dark Ghost. But in the end, Satal Keto — crying out to Freedon Nadd for help — is defeated by the Jedi and experiences The True Death.

Episode 16 - The Force Told Me To
The Force Told Me To

Curator Dinhint is at home with the scribbled notes he had made of the Necronomicon Exmortis but a broken Sith amulet from the ancient history section. Having called for help, Vox, Horath and Kerr arrive — not knowing at the time, an Evil version of Dinhint wearing a long coat pushes past them on the way out. Inside his apartment, they help him fight off multiple homunculus — including small versions of Horath which formed when a mirror with his reflection is smashed by Dinhint. Unable to refuse a challenge to a ‘roar’ contest, the homunculi sling shot one of their own into Horath’s mouth, forcing him to swallow it. An “Evil” Horath then splits himself off from the original. Meanwhile, Rune, Zeeona and Tarrant are dining on a balcony at a restaurant called Clarendox. Suddenly, their waiter is shot by a sniper who is high up and firing upon the crowd. When stopped by Rune he is calm and content and simply says, “The Force Told Me To”. Detective Ian Yash is investigating one of Zeeona’s old professors, Gentill Albrem who calmly killed his whole family and tells the story without any remorse. He also mentions a glowing figure and that The Force had told him to do it.

Episode 15 - Scorch the Sky
Scorch the Sky

Senator Dorean Shae meets with Vox in secret. After reading a list of her crimes on various worlds he explains that Basilisk is one of the planets he represents. There is a Doctor Sruvara there and she intended to supply the Republic with her plans for a new advanced type of war droid. However their planet was invaded and she was not able to get this information to the Senator she he wants Vox to obtain the plans. She arrives as the Republic forces are retreating. Inside the bunker, two Basiliskans attack! Doctor Sruvara and General Zahhak have become beastial do to Professor Abraxas having to vent some gas in the levels below. K8 is unable to translate the growls. Outside, poison gas destroyes all plant life, evaporates all water and scorches the sky / blots out the sun. The black sky in the daytime signifying a terrible mistake — planet-wide, the minds of Basiliskans devolve! The Mandalorians do not seem to be effected but the planet is now barren. The Mandos do indeed abandon the planet but can be seen loading they ships with the some of the ‘dragons’ — roped and bound. The Professor is devastated over what he’s done; he slowly walks out of the bunker, dropping pieces of his protective suit as he goes then willingly flies out into the black mist. Vox fails to get the Basilisk War Droid plans — the Mandalorians have already copied the plans at another location and wiped out all information across the network. Back on Coruscant, the group is debriefed. They request permission to go after the Copy of the Necronomicon Exmortis on Onderon. Rune negotiates with the Council to have Vox’s criminal record wiped clean if she can help them retrieve the copy of this dangerous book. Meanwhile, the original Necronomicon Exmortis has apparently been stolen from the museum seemingly by a “ghost”; Curator Dinhint hires Ru Baruba Kaal and his large gang to get back the credits from Vox and they suspect she is the one who stole the Book and fenced it again. But the thugs are no match for Vox and the Jedi.

Episode 14 - The Battle of Basilisk
The Battle of Basilisk

At the Coruscant Spaceport, Bi-Dar’s Padawan — female 14 year old Twi’lek: Myn Kovani runs up, out-of-breath as is scolded by her new master that she did not use the Force. [Meanwhile, we see Mandalorians conquering Nevoota Falls] Basilisk is a beautiful lush green planet with clear running rivers and majestic dragons flying. But as they drop down from orbit, blaster fire and fighting can see seen in the trees. They return Professor Abraxas to his underground bunker/lab. There they also meet Doctor Sruvara and General Zahhak. Given a tour, the bunker is shown to be self-sufficient, able to grown its own food with a worldwide communications array. One lower level is off limits. Although the bunker needs to be protected at all costs, they intentionally station a small contingent there so as to not draw attention. In the larger battle outside, the Republic forces initially help hold the line and even begin to gain ground. During this time, Dr. Sruvara tests two of her Basilisk War Droids but they confuse the humanoid Jedi for Mandos! Eventually Mandalorian re-enforcements arrive and the combined Republic/Basilisk forces start losing. There are just too many Mandalorians and Sidrona Diath is slain. When the Republic orders a retreat, General Zahhak decides to use Abraxas’ Doomsday weapon, giving the Republic a chance to get away first. However, the Mandos discover the base and start cutting through the outer doors. The last Jedi on the planet engage the group of Mandalorians and buy the Professor the time he needs …

Episode 13 - Of Droids And Dragons
Of Droids And Dragons

On the way back to Coruscant, Kerr flies Hurlee’s ship back and listens to her holos on the Necronomicaon Ex Mortis. Trouble at the spaceport where they initially see a Toydarian getting hassled by police over a shipment of droid parts when a dragon emerges from a transport ship! Bi-Dar makes the mistake of leaping on it and trying to ride it in order to control it. Senator Dorean Shae, along with K8-GE3 and T1-M5, arrives and reveals that the “dragon” is really Professor Abraxas from the planet Basilisk. He has come to plead for the Republic’s help. The Jedi Knights are debriefed by the Masters at the Temple. The Padawans wait outside where Sigma Zen say her friend Vara Nreem is about to take her Trials. Vox returns the Book to Curator Lilas Dinhint. That night, a Rave is taking place at The Spider Club where wanna-be’s wearing jackets with the Krath demon on the back do death sticks and dance to loud music. Borfo, the Toydarian from the spaceport, is here selling his new “Droid-Guns” so Sel Nosnam, the gang leader of “The Kraths” who wants the guns so they can kill enough people to bring back The Great Old Ones. The next day, the Senate hears from Abraxas that Mandalorians have invaded his world. It is the first time that the Senate has heard of this new aggressor. Even after their recent losses on Deneba, Jedi Master and Supreme Chancellor Sidrona Diath promises Republic military re-enforcements as well as the full aid of the Jedi Order.

Episode 12 - The Most Important Day of Your Life
The Most Important Day of Your Life

Horath has memories of being captured and frozen in Carbonite; shivering cold and unable to see he is chained and hanging in the political re-education cavern along with Vaen. The torture is affecting her visions — she sees Kerr forcing Hurlee to stay in his room where she is raped by palace guards then later Kerr feeding off her entrails like some feral creature. The Krath doctor poisons Kerr with Mortosis; Satal offers him a vial containing a Sith alchemy cure — but at the cost of begin drawn closer to the Dark Side. Aleema requests Rune to come to her room where she draws a protective circle where they can speak freely. She confesses to doing bad things under the influence of the Book. She also reveals that a copy was made and it’s on Onderon. Meanwhile, Satal reveals his true intentions for Zeeona with his Twi’lek sex slave. The Wedding begins and everyone is dressed in white. Satal gives the first planet-wide holonet broadcast in which he promises to lead the planet into a glorious new age. As the vows are about to be exchanged, the Carbonite Miners attack and new Carbonite Krath War Droids rise up on a platform. In the chaos, Cerean Jedi Knight Bi-Dar (Shun-Di’s brother) appears to assist. During the fight, Vean appears to kill Space Commander Travis. By the end, Satal himself is killed and it is revealed that the Necronomicon Exmortus was been stolen! Epilogues include Vox waiting for the others on the Sunjammer — with the Book — and Travis tearing the bandages off his face, now missing an eye, and swearing that, “If it takes all my life, I will find you and I will kill you Mortalyn …”

Episode 11 - Krath Hospitality
Krath Hospitality

Instead of fighting the Carbonite Miners, Jedi Knight Rune makes other plans with Chairman Bearus (head of the Guild). The night before the wedding, Handmaiden Hurlee approaches Padawan Kerr to help her steal the Necronomicon Exmortus; using a mind trick to make sure she stays behind, he attempts to obtain the book on his own but is unable to get past the Sith magick defenses. Having managed to sneak into the Citadel on her own, Vox comes up behind Kerr but he does not stay to see if she was successful. Aleema shows Rune her Dark Side serpentine pet and he tries to discourage her from eating the mucus sacs at the end of its quills. During the night, assassins smash through a skylight; Hurlee, left in a vulnerable position by Kerr’s mind trick, is killed. Kerr is badly injured and taken to a room to recover. Deep beneath the Iron Citadel, Vaen & Horath are shown to be undergoing “Political Education”.

Episode 09 - Goodbye, Kirrek
Goodbye, Kirrek

Heading them off at the spaceport, the group manages to rescue the Princess from being raped by the Krath soldiers before being taken off-world (Travis is not there, having gone on ahead). Speeding back through the city, the Knights sense danger from The Skytower. Viscount Mordecai is sacrificing young virgins in the basement in an elaborate ritual where the girls are placed on vertical platforms and connected by tubing, bleeding out through each other. The Viscount knows some Sith magic and is able to create illusion copies of himself and attack the Jedi with magic missiles. He is also defended by more Mutoids — chemically and magically modified girls. The group defeats Mordecai but Force-sensitive blood is spilled in the center of the room, completing the ritual! The team races out of the city in a speeder, trying to return to their ship but bounty killer Mon-Ko Jett is there waiting for them. He uses special smoke grenades made with living “sea monkeys” to blind the Jedi and, together with his other armaments and preparations, it’s all they team can do to slow him down by pinning him under the speeder so they can make their escape. In order, they see the mystical green Vortex envelope the whole city — and two more just like it. The Princess is saddened by the deaths of her people — 3 cities destroyed in a flash. Realizing that she must confront Satal, even if it means marrying him to stop the innocent deaths, she will. With tears flowing down her face she says, “Take me to Koros.”

Episode 08 - Homecoming

As the Sunjammer leaves Ruan, a bored pirate leader opens a channel and demands they jettison half the Phrik which they presume in on board. Arriving back in the Empress Teta System, they land on Zeeona’s home world — Kirrek. She places a veil over her face and dresses in clothes left behind by Soolin but is so beloved that she is still recognized by an elderly couple outside of a major metropolis. In the city, they see Krath soldier everywhere and witness rebels attacking a troop transport. They contact the resistance through Chevner who was trying to stop the Krath from taking more young girls for some unknown purpose. Taken to the Rebel Base in some unfinished underground transport tubes, they meet Avalon, the head of the Resistance, speaking with her other right-hand man, Terloc. Avalon explains that Zeeona is a symbol for the rebellion but the Princess proposes a policy of non-violence to win the hearts of the people and explains that the some of the Krath soldiers are natives of Kirrek. The Rebels gain momentum and knock out a communication relay and signs can be seen that the tide is turning while at the same time getting reports of some unusual activity at The Skytower — the base of Krath operations on this world. However, the Krath troops begin to pull out; the rebels are certain they have won! Zeeona gives a moving speech that today will be known as their Sovereignty Day but it is interrupted by Space Commander Travis as Krath troops and Mutoids appear at every entrance. They begin killing random rebels until Avalon reveals herself, demanding to know who betrayed us. Travis begins to take the Princess and Avalon away and once cleared of the room, the troops begin firing — even killing Terloc who reveals himself as the traitor. Vaen rushes after Travis and manages to delay him for a time although at the cost of her lightsaber.


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