Tales of the Jedi

Episode 32 – Soft Targets
Soft Targets

Knight Rune, Myn and Vox appear before the Jedi Council to debrief them on the events in the Empress Teta system. Rune asks to be included in any future plans involving Ulic Qel-Droma. Master Vandar implies that perhaps a Knight with more distance would be better. Master Doe-nar thanks Vox for her assistance and informs her that she has Rune to thank for petitioning to clear her criminal record. Also, Knight Vara Nreem cannot be reached so Rune is asked to continue watching over Myn. The Council then suggests that Rune escort Senator Dorean Shae to Shulimik since it is considering joining the Republic. During the flight, Dorean tells Vox that it is really him she should thank for clearing her record. Once on Shulimik, Rune assists the Senator with the negotiations by recounting Coruscant history in that it was once three nations: Correlian, Duros and Tong. Rune is happy to see that the SAI Stellar Corporation is not represented. Rune scolds Myn when she risks embarrassing the Order by nearly falling asleep in the audience. A few days in, Corland Government Agent Nistal Vagan appears and asks for Rune’s help. A group of Timarland Liberation Front terrorists have taken a group of orphans hostage and will only negotiate with the Jedi. The leave Stanyard and take a speeder to the rural town of Agrestic. Outside of town is the “Almost Home” orphanage in an area called Rust Ridge. The media is everywhere and the stand-off has been going on for 51 days. They meet Director Lee Ransom who has setup speakers around the complex what blast horrible music and the sound of animals being slaughtered non-stop to try and get the TLF to surrender. Ransom explains that they tried an earlier sneak assault and all the cops ended up dead plus a boy was killed so he has not wanted to risk any more children. Without hills around the walled complex, there are no good sniper positions and he is reluctant to attempt another fly-over. Rune speaks with Imago Rile-Lo who is in charge of the operation at Agrestic. He is called the “All Father” by his followers and has even ‘married’ several of the older 12 and 14 year old girls in traditional Timari rituals. He forces many of the children to spend each day digging one hole in the backyard to “build character”. Inside, Vox speaks with the only female among the TLF, Fatima Umbra. She tells Vox, who is posing as a medic, that some of the girls are beaten but only when they refuse to be indoctrinated. To test if the Jedi can deliver, he demands a porterhouse boveen steak lunch with the bone still in and in exchange he will release one child. He next two demands are more difficult – the release of the People’s Champion, Akopyan Faust and transportation to the free non-Corland country of their choice. Pulling some strings, Dorean calls the Corland president and convinces him that saving orphans will make everyone look good. The Jedi manage to secure the release of Faust and while transporting him, there is a rush to figure out why Imago is not happy that it happened so quickly. They learn that Faust’s cellmate was Libb Stut who had robbed an armored speeder and got away with 2 million credits. He ditched his partners and hid the money. Police worked on him for months and got nothing but it only took two weeks and a near fatal beating for Faust to narrow down the location of the money to the orphanage. But Faust got carried away with his interrogation and put Libb into a coma before he could discover the exact hiding place. Rune teamed up with the federal agents and contacted an old woman who used to work at the orphanage. She recalled a favorite tree where Stut used to hide things and an elite team of officers were able to sneak in and retrieve it even with the children working double time to dig. Rune then bartered Faust and the credits in exchange for Imago only bringing 6 of his men and 5 of the children. The rest of the children were immediately freed and the remaining TLF, including Fatima, left behind to defend the “holy place”. Vox and Myn were hiding in specially made compartments on the transport and were able to tip off Rune and Nistal who were following in another speeder (unable to be tracked since the transport’s radar had been sabotaged). The transport landed near a larger ship and the TLF were confronted as they were climbing the ramp. A fight ensued in which his lieutenants (Domingo, Belga and Dogg) were killed but Imago was left unconscious and injured. Faust, not wanting the Jedi to follow, launched a life pod with the five Rile-Lo brides. Turning to gloat, Rune used the Force to destroy one of his ships instrumentation panels which was enough to scare Faust off – getting away with only one follower … and the 2 million credits.

Episode 31 – Second Battle of Empress Teta
Second Battle of Empress Teta

Finding Tarrant at the bottom of the stairs, Rune leans that he was gassed and tossed down there. After surviving the arduous night against the bounty hunters, Zeeona has setup a meeting with Chevner and the Resistance (since Avalon was captured and taken to some unkown location by Space Commander Travis after the betrayal of Terloc). During the meeting, both Rune and Zeeona make the case for Aleema and persuade the Resistance to stand down. After delivering word to Aleema, Zeeona promises to return and stay on Kirrek until peace has returned to the Empress Teta system. Walking back to Zeeona’s home, they are confronted by a large group of children who have been seduced by the dark spirit of Freedon Nadd. They attack with makeshift weapons but are easily dealt with. Returning to the Iron Citadel on Koros Major, the Jedi update Aleema on the progress they’ve made on Kirrek. During the conversation, Ulic returns from the errand which Aleema had tasked him with (checking the productivity levels at the Carbonite mines). Now wearing the Sith amulet around his neck, he begins to assert his control over the Krath. When an intruder is captured, Ulic insists that the guards address their report to him instead of Aleema. An unconscious Nomi Sunrider is brought before Ulic who is first shocked and saddened but then flies into a rage and orders that she should be taken to the dungeons. Later, Aleema informs Rune that Ulic plans to execute Nomi in the morning. She begs Rune to save Nomi but she can’t order the guards to stand down. The group rescue Nomi from the torture droid and escape to join Cay Qel-Drome and Tott Doneeta in orbit. The two ships travel to Ossus where Nomi reveals that she was performing some reconnaissance for a larger plan to rescue Ulic. Also at the Knossus spaceport is a large Onderon warbeast transport; Oron Kira has brought Drexl beasts to assist the Republic. Other Jedi on the assault are Oss Wilum and Dace Diath, who will fly the new Star Saber XC-01’s, as well as Shoaneb Culu who prefers her S-100 Stinger. The key to the plan is to get in and out quickly before the Krath forces overwhelm them. Rune’s group fights their way through Krath Soldiers, Shocktroopers and Holy Crusaders, Vicount Sahmbi with hand-picked Mutoids, two Krath War Droids (one Carbonite, one Jedi-Killer), plus Krath Assassins and Satal’s pets. Ulic forces Aleema to keep the Nomi and the other Jedi (Cay, Qrrl) occupied while he deals with the new threat. During the fight, the exact moment when Ulic becomes lost to the Dark Side is when he attempts to strike down the weakened innocent Myn Kovani instead of Rune or Vox. They defeat Ulic but Nomi states that the Masters were right and they cannot forcibly remove Ulic against his will. By this time, the bulk of the Krath forces have reached the throne room. Aleema persuades Ulic to let them go. He states that if they all agree to leave now, they will not be killed as they depart the Empress Teta System. The last image is of Exar Kun walking through the streets of Cinnagar …

Episode 30 – Who Says You Can’t Go Home Again?
Who Says You Can’t Go Home Again?

When Vox doesn’t wake up, Aleema offers to cast the same spell she used on Satal, “The Kiss of Life”. She says it has to be a spell she already had memorized since the Naturon Demonto was apparently destroyed as part of The Cure. Not wanting Aleema to cast any more, Rune manages to revive Vox using The Force. Fully cured for the first time, we see Zeeona with her true personality (and she can finally stop referring to people by their full names). Now it’s time for her to go home. Aleema insists that they take Krath soldiers to Kirrek for protection. In orbit, they see the three destroyed cities still burning with a mystical green flame. They take the Sunjammer to Zeeona’s more remote childhood home (since the Royal Palace was destroyed). The Krath are still here in force and stop citizens on the street and ask for identification. The Resistance attacks the Krath and the team manages to get away. Zeeona’s home is sealed since no one has lived here for some time. Vox notices that the front door “sticks” and suspects that it may have been hacked at some point. Inside feels big and lonely, the furniture all covered with sheets. Creepy children seem to be watching the house. During the night, a team of bounty hunters attack: Jin (shootist), Vode-Ka (muscle), Buro-Bon (explosives), Chi-An-Ti (blades). Vox finds Vode-Ka standing over Myn’s bed and flies into a rage for he is a Tof – the racial enemy of the Nagai. In addition, the entire mansion has been rigged with explosives. Mon-Ko Jett reveals himself and, although the price on Zeeona’s head was cancelled, he sees the contract as a matter of pride since she’s the only mark who has ever managed to escape him. As Mon-Ko stalks the team, Tarrant turns on Zeeona at one point and Rune takes a chance and cuts him down. Removing his helmet reveals an attractive blonde girl – a 6th bounty hunter named Vermo-Uth who had disguised herself as Deeta. Mon-Ko is about to leave with Zeeona but is forced to drop her and escape out and over the top of the house with his jet pack a split second before Vox can train her gun on him.

Episode 29 – The Cure
The Cure

Aleema warns that the energies there take form based upon thought and sends Rune, Vox, Myn and the princess into Zeeona’s unconsciousness while Tarrant remains guard in the real world. After piercing the Veil, they find themselves at the base of a Dark Tower with floating rocks all around and a black city off in the distance. An image of Zeeona at age 8 with a friend playing in the snow appears as they approach the door guarded by two large statues which spring to life. A sealed vial with a mysterious symbol appears after defeating them. Inside, they see another image – this time of Zeeona (age 14) confronting her father Zukan. He wants her to rule Kirrek for Lord Keto since he is to become president/warlord of Betafarl, a planet in the neighboring Kuar system. She wants to study hyperspace engineering. The entourage (including Aleema & Satal) all transform into snakes. Defeating the serpents produces a 2nd vial. Vox is bitten by Aleema but Myn is able to extract the poison. Finally, we see a third image of Zeeona at university walking with friends. Once home she is bathed in a red light as the Curse takes her and she becomes fearless like when they first met her and nearly burns herself on a cooking pad before saved by Deeta Tarrant. Wanting to protect her, his image transforms into Chain Golem and attacks; even in this dream, Zeeona’s image of Tarrant does not use lethal force against her friends. Passing this 3rd test generates the final vial. The pieces of the Cure begin to be administered inside a room containing an Astral Machine. Six mystical nodes (two each of Obelisk, Fountain and Statue) begin to glow blue and pulse with light before a cure-vial float out to be consumed by the princess. However, Phantoms begin to emerge from the walls and are able to fix the heroes with their burning eye beams (“I. See. You!”). In a difficult fight, the team prevails and gives Zeeona the Cure – however, as the Sith magick is leaving her body it pulls her through the sealed portal at the far end of the room. Vox is able to partially unlock the outer door to reveal many circular openings with a wall of fire inside. By making use of the first vial, Myn is able to turn into a Snowgirl. She temporarily douses the flames and passes through the openings to pull the lever of the first door. Rune is then able to lift the stone that blocks the farther entrance. In the final room, they are confronted by The Horror – an amorphous monstrosity formed from the Curse energies that were in Zeeona’s body. At the far end of the room, the princess is being tormented by the living embodiment of The Curse energies which were in Rune’s body – now manifested as a Dark Jedi-like being known as The Malediction. Rune engages him while Myn & Vox battle summoned Volcanic Elementals. All awaken back in the circle except for Vox who is still lost in the dream …

Episode 28 – Naturon Demonto
Naturon Demonto

Knight Rune and Myn travel from Alzoc II to Abridon to pick up Vox. Landing in Sayan (the largest spacesport and shipyard) they then travel to Capital City where they are attacked by Harpivores. Vox is almost finished with her work for Count Diel. On the way to see him, they are passed by Chancellor Emeric and his contingent on their way out. Count Diel is working with a Celegian scientist named Dr. Cortex Zien. The Count also hired a group of mercenaries led by a Herglic named Bumong. The mercs were hired to capture a live specimen and Vox was hired to retrieve some additional eggs. Heading into the rocky crags, the Harpivores defend their nests. Rune talks Vox out of stealing more eggs and manages to steer Bumong away from capturing Foulwing, the leader of the “semi-sentient” half-girl/half-bird creatures. Before returning, the Jedi find evidence of poisoned fish. Count Diel says he will recommend genocide of the Harpivores to protect the Abridon citizens but it’s revealed that he is unable to build a competing shipyard on his own land because the creatures are an endangered species and are protected.
Travel to Koros Major. The Krath banners and soldiers are still on display in Cinnagar. New blaster detectors have been installed in the Iron Citadel after repeated attempts on Aleema’s life. A group of merchants led by Tared Eh-Tho is also there waiting for an audience with Aleema Keto. Their stated reason for visiting is to give her a large flawless Chyrstopaz gemstone so that she will consider releasing the terrible trade sanctions placed on the planet Kirrek. In the throne room, Aleema is pleased that Rune has the copy of the book – powerful in its own right, it is referred to as “Naturon Demonto”. Suddenly, Tared’s group attacks! There is a bomb hidden under the gem and the would-be assassins all draw knives. Knight Rune defends Aleema from the resistance fighters. Later, Aleema explains to Rune why she had to keep using the Krath name to give her soldiers something to rally behind and appear strong until the resistance calms down. Ulic states that he is still working on his original plan to destroy the Dark Side from within (not just the Krath). Vox sneaks into Ulic’s room at one point to see Aleema give him a Sith amulet because she is “winning too easily”. Aleema scares Vox when a double “tracking” image of herself turns on Vox and accuses her of stealing the Necronomicon Exmortis. After studying the copy of the book, Aleema discovers the cure for Zeeona but it involves sending the others into a dream-like state inside her mind where Duke Threnhold’s curse will continue to work against them.

Episode 27 – Arms Race
Arms Race

At the edge of a Coruscant park, play time turns deadly when a boy brings a real gun and it explodes in his friend’s hand. Meanwhile, on Onderon, Master Jaca-Ther Sirta stays to assist Queen Galia with the transition to peace; she asks for Rune to watch after Myn until Knight Vara Nreem returns. Back on Coruscant, Rune is debriefed by The Jedi Council. It is revealed that The Black Corsair never arrived and the whereabouts of Vaen, Horath & Kerr (and the bodies of Kark & Renek) are unknown. But with no Vaen to rat out Rune, he makes no mention of having retrieved the copy of the Book. The police have asked for the assistance of the Jedi to help with the sudden influx of illegal guns on the streets. Rune and Myn are asked to work with two detectives: Inspector Juzo Megure and Detective Ridan Shey. They explain that the weapons are known as Retaliators and are very deadly due to their high rate of fire but do not fully discharge the energy of each shot so tend to overheat quickly. The Jedi assist the police with a school shooting followed by a bank robbery. Ridan is blinded when a fleeing robber’s Retaliator explodes. The criminals purchased the guns from “Craxy” Detdy and Megure takes them to his legitimate “front” business, a pawn shop at the center of all the reported incidents. After the Jedi force their way through the metal door lowered by Detdy, the pair are confronted by his three bodyguards: Leom, Moslof Eoj and Ramcy the Skag. Leom is killed but the other two surrender. The trail leads to The Troida Military Workshop on Balmorra where the Jedi are attack by stick droids and an experimental Walker called XACV-GS72, piloted by Dr. Dorlec – the man in charge of Workshop A6 and the one who told arms dealer Ryu Orlov to unload what he calls the “Zip-Zap Guns” for cheap. Rune & Myn catch up with Orlov on Alzoc III where he is in the middle of trading Retaliators to the native Talz in exchange for Durasteel ore. Rune encourages the Talz to demand a demonstration and the deal goes south when the gun explodes in Ryu’s hand. During a holo call to Coruscant, Rune updates Inspector Megure and the doctors inform the Jedi that they expect Detective Shey’s eyesight to return. The episode ends with an attractive secretary providing a report on the defective weapons to Burke Terrac, a Czerka Corporation on Humbarine.

Episode 26 – Something Blue
Something Blue

On Coruscant, Myn Kovani dreams of her past adventures and then meets up with her friend Odala Chupa-Pau who gives her a warm soft cake for breakfast. Channa Quo comes up right behind the Ortolan as she is complaining that her Knight makes her do flips. Left alone, Myn overhears Vandar speaking with Master Jaca-Ther Sirta who suggests that she take My with her to Onderon. Agreeing, Vandar sneaks Myn’s abandoned snack cake for himself and adds it to his tray full of candy bars.
Back on Iziz, the feeling of the Dark Side is all around. En route to the Royal Palace, the team sees a street protest by a group known as “The Naddists” led by a preacher named Rask and his son Nebo. The sermon denounces the Jed and tries to turn the people against them while espousing the virtues of a pro-Naddist monarchy. In the distance are signs of of smoke and other civil unrest. Back in the palace, Kerr is taken away for medical aid while Queen Galia explains the latest trouble. She has contacted the Republic for aid. [Meanwhile, Senator Dorean Shae is saying that the Jedi are too busy recovering from Deneba and that the Republic might rely upon the Jedi Order too much.] That night, an illusion of Aleema visits Rune and he tells her that her that he has the Copy; she says things are peaceful while looking out the window at marching Krath troops and droid factories working round-the-clock. Zeeona confesses to Vox that she’s not sure if she can go on and Vox recommends she learn how to use a blaster to take care of herself. The next morning, Myn and Sirta arrive (getting an odd glance from Atok Kira). While Master Sirta meets with Queen Galia, Rune, Vox and Myn track down the next Naddist rally in an basement off of the street. Although keeping their hoods up, Rask stops at one point during the sermon and incredibly points right at the three! Able to duck the throw bottles and rocks, they know they need to get out of there. Clearly Rask is getting some form of aid. Back at the Palace, Sirta believes that the stone sarcophagi may be poisoning the atmosphere. She orders that the remains of Freedon Nadd and Queen Amanoa be removed from the planet and placed in a tomb on Dxun, one of the four moons. The funeral procession to the spaceport is disrupted by two Akin-Dower Groundborers bursting through the surface. Master Sirta handles one on her own while the rest of the team deals with the other. The colossal excavation machines have been fitted with external turrets which fire into the crowd. Large doors open and dissident members of the Royal Armed Forces rush out. Then, as part of a second wave, Warb Null strides down the ramp and engages with Run while Sirta is attacked by some unseen force. Although Rune, Vox and Myn fight well, the Naddist Revolutionaries manage to capture both of the sarcophagi as well as the unconscious body of Master Sirta. In the coming days, there is other fighting to try and quell the riots. During one of these battles, both Kith Kark and Jad Renek are killed. Horath is severly wounded and Vaen insists on taking him and Kerr (plus the bodies of the slain Jedi) off the planet in The Black Corsair. Using the Amanoa’s notes and The Great Library, the Jedi research Warb Null and learn that he was a metallurgist named Shas Dovos. Queen Galia, feeling bad over the deaths of two Jedi, reveals that her father – King Ommin – is not really dead. After his defeat at the hands of Arca Jeth, Ommin has remained in hiding in a Life Support Facility deep below the Royal Palace. Galia thinks that he can help since he understands the Dark Side. After revealing Warb Null and the captive Master Sirta behind a curtain, an epic fight ensues in which the Healing Adepts casts mystic bolts and the Palace Guards at the door fire with blaster rifles. With his perfectly crafted armor, Warb Null is difficult to defeat but Rune manages to damage the plating around his neck and both he and Vox are able to take advantage of this new vulnerability. After his defeat, King Ommin himself begins to move about the room on his mechanical armature, casting deadly spells. Run attacks the armature itself and Ommin collapses into a boneless heap, screaming for “Nadd!” as he is dispatched. The air sizzles with blue fire as the spirit form of Freedon Nadd takes shape behind the dying King. He vows that the Jedi have made a new enemy this day. The episode ends with the remains of Freedon Nadd, King Ommin and Queen Amanoa being put to rest on Dxun.

Episode 25 – Something Borrowed
Something Borrowed

On Ossus, at the Knossa spaceport, Vox show Kerr a datapad with information that a Professor D’nomray Knobi may have borrowed the copy of the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis from Onderon. They borrow The Black Corsair and head to the Simaril, which is mostly uninhabited. After landing, Kerr senses there is something wrong and tells Vox to wait for him in orbit. She does but with no word from him, she heads to Onderon to meet up with the others.
On Onderon, Princess Galia undergoes her Coronation and is crowned Queen. A few days later, her wedding ceremony begins but the Jedi are pulled away by the sudden arrival of Vox saying Kerr could be in trouble. They arrive on Simaril at night along with another ship with the professor’s daughter, Einna Nobi, and her co-worker Det Do-med on board. She came because her father had told her that he made a great discovery but then had not responded to any of her holo calls. Arriving at a cabin in the woods, they are attacked by a crazed Kerr, who is missing one of his hands. They find the dismembered body of Professor Nobi in a back room. Searching more, possessed trees attack Vox out in the woods and Rune himself is possessed and attacks the other before dawn comes up and temporarily drives the evil presence away. Unable to escape in the Sunjammer with roots clogging the engines, the day cycle is revealed to be very short here and darkness comes again too soon. Det becomes possessed and is killed and Horath battles more possessed trees. They find the pages of the book in the fruit cellar along with the professor’s wife, Rietta, who has become host to come kind of dark spirit. Armed with the pages, Kerr is able to complete the ritual to dispel the evil and the team heads back to Onderon.

Episode 24 – Something New
Something New

In pursuit of Galia, their speeder is shot down by a rocket. Atok guides them through The Wildlands where they are attacked by large Boma Beasts. Entering the jungle stronghold, they discover a pre-wedding feast honoring the upcoming union between Galia and Beast-Lord Modon Kira’s other son, Oron. Galia reveals that she doesn’t want to be rescued! They arranged her ‘abduction’ so she could live in the wild lands with Oron. Modon explains that he has united the disparate tribes against the cursed city of Iziz. Drokko the Elder, who had not spoken in years, asks the Jedi to help against the Dark Side. Then, soldiers from the city appear and there are some tense moments (including Renek pretending to threaten Drokko). Galia is convinced to return to Iziz. The Queen is enraged and says she will never allow her daughter to marry the Beast Lord’s son. She calls upon the spirit of Freedon Nadd and creates an infernal darkness in the room which makes the battle with the Palace Guard more difficult. Meanwhile, war is raging outside. All the Beast Lords have pooled their resources for a single great attack. For the first time in Onderon’s history, the sides seem evenly matched. However, Queen Amanoa retreats to the mausoleum to commune with the power that is concentrated there and begin to turn the tide of battle against the swarming barbarians. The Jedi corner Queen Amanoa in Freedon Nadd’s tomb and kill her in a battle in which she wields Sith magic through her body (more like a priestess than a sorceress). Galia is distraught – even though Amanoa was evil, she was still her mother.

Episode 23 – Something Old
Something Old

Rune & Kerr hand over Jerec Bolter and Rak Fangg, who recommends that someone take the holo communicator off his belt and leave it on. Now with Kathracite, construction begins on the Sunjammer’s Zero Room. A young male padawan, Kol Larkin, takes the Jedi to see Master Thon who was spending time with 6-year-old Vima Sunrider. Padawans Horath and Jad Renek are assigned to Rune & Vaen. The next morning, Fangg’s holo receives a message from pirates wanting to obtain his release. One ship is allowed to leave Ossus for the moon of Nerit where a race of tree people called the Neti live. A female Zeltron named Sera Rhane leads the negotiations and has Frond Dra-loor explain that the pirates have placed firebombs where their saplings are buried. Sera will trade Rak for the remote detonator. The group is taken to the location and a fight breaks out between them and the pirates & stick-droids. At the end of the fight, Sera reveals that the detonator wasn’t even hooked up. She was a smuggler when Rak raided her ship and killed her crew and has been going along with him as best she could in order to survive but trying to do some good from the inside. She is still taken into custody but the Jedi will testify on her behalf.
Before leaving Ossus, Master Vodo-Siosk Baas warns that Ulic Qel-Droma will fall to the Dark Side and we also see Kerr talking to Vox. En route, Kith Kark provide some background on Onderon. Upon entering the atmosphere, they see a massive walled city and are attacked by Beast Riders mounted on Drexls with teeth that can puncture the ship’s hull! Disembarking after landing in the spaceport, Minister of State Novar welcomes the Jedi. He states that there is a ban on alien races entering Royal Citadel but is convinced to take everyone to the throne room where they meet Queen Amanoa and Princess Galia. Amanoa plans to install new missile batteries so she can attack the Beast Lords at greater range. The captured Atok Kira is presented. Suddenly, there is an attack and Beast Riders fly in through the windows! Galia is taken deeper into the palace but is kidnapped by Beast Warrior Commandos. A furious Queen Amanoa demands that the Jedi bring her daughter back.


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