Tales of the Jedi

Episode 53 – The Long Walk Back

The Long Walk Back

After returning from Astral Space, the team finds themselves back on the moon of Dxun in the Tomb of Freedon Nadd. The group moves to the top of the stairs and looks out into the jungle. Aleema and Rune share concerns over Satal’s return from the True Death. Rune asks her to hold out a bit longer with Ulic and he will come rescue her soon. Rune still feels the phantom pain of the katana strike in Astral Space as Aleema departs (saying her smaller ship was able to get through the canopy of trees and is parked close by). Myn borrows a datapad from Arten since she wants to record the symbols she memorized which were on the scrolls hidden in the sarcophagus (the real ones are missing, along with Freedon Nadd’s bones). Myn wants to do at least one more good thing before being forced out of the Order. While heading back to the ship, Myn stops to look at a cute frog-like creature; Slivko is fascinated by a beautiful flying insect which is suddenly eaten by the frog. To Myn’s shock, Slivko insanely slices open the frog in order to see it again but the beauty has been ruined. As they walk, they are attacked by a swarm of Kreevls – small, vicious fliers with two large human-sized clawed arms. After killing them all, the team realizes that they need to move quickly because the smell of blood will bring other predators and it does: a large group of Cannoks surround them – aggressive creatures with eyes on stalks and needle-like teeth. This fight is harder and during the fight, Myn lets her guard down to try and kill one quickly and falls – Rune having to levitate her up in order to save her. After the battle, Rune scolds her for forgetting her training. During the three-day hike back, other encounters with various jungle creatures are avoided – including when they stumble upon a Drexl next. These large flying bat-like creatures with spider heads are able to tear apart spaceships. The adults fly down in a protective line to defend their young – maggots feeding on the carcass of a large Boma beast. With Jedi training and Slivko’s ability to stare down an animal, the group is able to slowly back away without a fight. At some point it is revealed that Wells is experiencing lost time (most likely a defense against the mental assault she experienced in Carcosa) – she thought that she still had her ship, The Crimson Hawk, and crew and was on her way to Coruscant in order to take a Jedi to Shulimik. The they finally reach the clearing, she is initially disappointed with the plain look of the Sunjammer and is confused by the strange device which has replaced the standard sub-light engines but is shocked at the speed when taking the ship into orbit, commenting that she will have to meet the inventor …



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