Tales of the Jedi

Episode 48 – Demon Moon

Demon Moon

We first see Zeeona asking Tarrant for help. Then later in the hangar bay, Tarrant explains to Zukan that the Princess is upset and is already on board the ship, locked in her cabin. Zukan agrees it’s best to leave her alone when she gets like this. The Warlord brags about the new front-mounted guns which he installed on The Sunjammer. As the team is heading up the ramp to depart, a message comes in from Tarrant’s ship – it’s Zeeona saying she knows that she has always been a disappointment to her father and pleading for him to help Kirrek. The messages cuts off before he can respond and the ship jumps to lightspeed. Once embarked and launching out of the hangar, Zeeona reveals that she is on board the Sunjammer and it will take a long time for her father to realize that she isn’t on Coruscant (her sister, Zaya, remained on The Bellerophon). As Wells activates the photonic drive, there is an explosion! The engines fail but life support remains functioning. Rune senses danger and the Force guides him to seal the doors and deactivate the life support system. The team leans that the life support system has been tampered with – sabotage! With The Bellerophon looming above them, Zukan calls and tells them that he regrets killing them in this way – it is not an honorable warrior’s death – but that he called the Krath while they were on their mission (obtaining the vaccine to protect his men, not the radioactive airborne virus which he had previously stolen) and they assured him that he could rule Kirrek in the name of the Krath if he killed Rune and his companions. Rune reveals that Zeeona is on board but Zukan refuses to believe it – to the point of lying to himself. Even with the Princess begging, he insists that he heard he speak to him on board Tarrant’s ship and that this must be some Jedi mind trick as he warps away, leaving them to their doom. The team implements a plan to vent most of the ship to space to cleanse it but the door to the engine room fails to open. Without enough air to attempt it again, Wells dons a spacesuit (the others overrule Zeeona wanting to go herself since she felt responsible) and enters the engine room to vent it. With less time, it is not certain that all remnants of the virus are gone but everyone is relieved when Jenif removes her helmet and is fine.
They set course for Onderon and land in the great walled city of Iziz. The group is greeted by Minister Novar and Rune prevents him from taking Arten and Myn into custody. Appearing before Queen Galia, she welcomes them back to the city and apologizes that her husband, Oron, is off on a hunt. Slivko invokes caution from the palace guards as he approaches the throne. The Queen informs them that Master Sirta continues to root out any remaining Naddist cultist to prevent a second uprising. On the way to their rooms, they pass Atok Kira in the hall and he makes it clear that he is not in favor of his brother’s marriage but stops short of treason as Rune argues the Beast Rider into a corner. Later, Master Sirta tells Rune that she senses that the seal on Freedon Nadd’s tomb may have been breached and asks him to check on it since she needs to remain on Onderon. Leaving Zeeona behind because of the danger, the others travel to the moon of Dxun and land in a clearing three days walk away from the tomb. This distance is by design since the flora & fauna of the moon act as natural protectors. Dxun is a great focus of dark side power. It is covered by a thick jungle and constant rain. On the first day, the group is first attacked by a group of Cannoks and later by a flock of Skreevs. That night, Aleema visits Rune and they kiss. Unknown to them, this transfers some of the darkness from Aleema into Rune which causes her magick to fail and her astral form disappears. Under this influence, Rune makes Myn take an extra shift of guard duty, explaining to Arten that she is a Jedi can could stay awake for five days straight if needed. The next day, Rune makes Myn take point as they travel and she is snatched up by a carnivorous plant known as a Crasna. Arten and Slivko stuggle to rescue her while Rune and Wells seem less concerned. Later on day two, the group is attacked by Bomas. Rune bets Wells that she can’t hit a specific scale on one of the fierce lizards, but she does. After defeating the smaller ones, three larger adult Bomas appear! Rune seems very disappointed in Myn’s performance and is forced to take care of the one he had assigned to her. Arten nearly single-handedly defeated one of the great lizards but in order to save his life, Rune throws his lightsaber for the first time and guides it with telekinesis, killing the creature. At camp that night, Arten seems down on himself but it could just be his injuries. Rune scolds Myn again and tells her that not only will she likely not ever make Knight but that she doesn’t even belong in the Jedi Order. The last shot of the episode is a saddened Myn walking off into the rain.



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