Tales of the Jedi

Episode 47 – Warlord


Jenif’s contact came through and a transport arrives to take as many people as he can out of the system. However there are mixed feelings from the refuges since they are leaving their home. Climbing on board the Sunjammer, Tarrant observes Zeeona thanking Rune – all of which is seen by Dr. Slivko. While en route to the neighboring Kuar system, there are several discussion among the crew while in flight. At one point, Myn asks Slivko why he is asking so many questions about the Necronomicon Exmortis; Slivko begins to make up some reason to which Arten says, “Don’t lie to the kid” then turning to Myn, “He wants to read it.” During the trip, Myn has a nightmare fueled by Freedon Nadd. She first asks Slivko about it since he had warned her that she was fighting the DarkSide but she doesn’t feel comfortable sharing her dreams with him and turns to Rune for help and advice. As soon as the exit hyperspace, there are universal galactic beacons warning ships that this is a warzone. Providing clearance codes, they dock with a capital ship, The Bellerophon, in orbit over the planet Betafarl. The Warlord Zukan and his right-hand man Finn meet the group as they disembark. Zukan is happier to see Tarrant than his own daughter. Later, once Tarrant is taken to the medical bay, Zukan meets with the group in a conference room. Zeeona begs him to help Kirrek. He refuses at first but agrees if the Jedi will complete a mission for him. He also agrees to add forward-mounted guns to the Sunjammer as a sign of good faith. Rune does his own research before agreeing to help in order to make sure that there have been no human rights violations. For the last six years there has been a war waging between East and West Betafarl. The East has the larger land mass, has most of the population and is represented by a Senator; the West seceded due to objections in excessive military spending (funds which they say should be used for education, health care and assisting the poor) as well as the plan to use the military for more than just defense (such as influencing disputes). Since they have a smaller population, the West’s army is almost exclusively droids. Zukan says that his engineers have discovered that there is a global override switch in every Western droid. If they could get their hands on the codes, they could bring a quick end to the conflict and save many lives on both sides. His spies have learned the location of the facility where the case containing the codes is kept. Sergeant Chrysor, the lead soldier of the team who had been training for this mission will go with them and they will be accompanied by other military support as well when the assault the mountain in which the base is built. The outside is protected by anti-aircraft turrets and their transport is shot down. The group has to fight tanks and an army of heavily armored droids – which Rune softens up by using one of the explosive anti-aircraft balloons to clever effect. Breaking into the complex, they must deal with additional droids and wall turrets (which gut-shot Chrysor). Deeper in the facility, they find a group of human soldiers wearing hazmat suits and are confronted by Experimenter Terina. She is responsible for protecting the base, but seeing a Jedi she orders her men to use non-lethal weapons only. The soldiers spray some of the group with a neuro-toxin which causes their muscles to begin to tighten up. Trying to bring the conflict to a quick end, Arten places a gun to Terina’s head and when she refuses to surrender he kills her. The remaining Eastern soldiers switch to lethal blaster rifles. Chrysor opens fire on another group of soldiers in an adjoining lab and it is quickly sealed as his shots tear their suits and break a container holding a radioactive airborne virus which completely atomizes the flesh of the men with ruptured suits in an electrical burst, leaving only bones inside. They get the case and fight their way out of the complex, meeting up with a new transport outside. Safely on their way back, Chrysor asks for some water but dies before he can take a drink. Returning to The Bellerophon, there is some ethical discussion over the death of Experimenter Terina. Zeeona tries to put a good face on the team’s success but Rune can sense something’s wrong. She reveals that in addition to the mission, her father – in an effort to keep her safe – insisted that she either remain with him on Betafarl or return to the university. Rune is willing to speak with Zukan on her behalf but also states that she could do a lot of good on Coruscant as well. Zeeona would rather stay with the group but is willing to consider all options. She gets Rune to agree that he will support her no matter what she decides to do.



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