Tales of the Jedi

Episode 46 – Bloodlines


The episode opens with Myn, Arten and Wells waiting outside the Council chambers while Rune is inside being chastised by the Masters. They play a holo recording which was sent by Ulic which includes Krath propaganda and shows soldiers marching, War Droids being constructed, and Knight Zem and padawan Maris being lowered into hot carbonite. Rune is defiant and tells the Council that they should have listened and sent him instead; the Krath is once again the greatest threat to the galaxy in 1,000 years. Vandar issues a veiled threat, “If start a war does, on the frontlines find yourself you will.” To which Rune responds, “I’ll already be there” and leaves the chamber. The group goes to a local tavern and is met there by Dr. Slivko who had hired a boy to keep tabs on the comings and goings at the spaceport. Rune receives an S.O.S. from Tarrant saying that Zeeona had been taken by Krath soldiers. They quickly take the Sunjammer back to the Empress Teta system and land outside her childhood home on Kirrek. There they find Krath soldiers looting some of the valuable works of art and planning on melting down the silverware to make more bullets for the war effort. Rune approaches the Krath and offers up his lightsaber; when asked who he is and where he got it, Javan simply replies, “I made it” then ignites it and proceeds to dispatch the enemy troops. There is no sign of the Princess but they find Tarrant gut-shot in the hall. Slivko plays music on a piano while Deeta receives medical attention and updates them on Kirrek. The Krath have been rounding up anyone who is even remotely related to the original Empress Teta bloodline. Wells borrows some of Zeeona’s clothes and Slivko disguises himself as one of the Krath soldiers (the Jedi and Arten stay behind since their force sensitivity and/or alien nature prevents them from blending in). The two head to the local train station where the citizens are being taken. On the way, they hear a preacher blaming all of Kirrek’s problems on the so-called “Jedi-kin”. On the train, Slivko goes to check on the car where the attractive girls are being kept and kills a soldier who was planning on assaulting Wells. However, other soldiers investigate and a battle ensues. At one point Slivko sees “red” and Wells ends up saving him by pretending to be a Jedi-kin gypsy who had controlled his mind. They are both rendered unconscious. Meanwhile, the Sunjammer follows the tracks to the end of the line and they observe the train at a concentration camp. With no word from Slivko, they use the Sunjammer to attack the camp, strafing the guards in multiple passes without harming the prisoners. My drops Rune and Arten off on the roof of the main building and they fight their way in, rescuing Wells and Slivko in the process. Entering the main central room, they are attacked by Viscount Pantrakahs and his hand-picked Mutoids. It is a difficult fight since the animated dead girls cannot feel pain and the Viscount uses magick to blink teleport. After the fight, a Krath soldier activates an oven; Rune uses the Force to immediately shut it off but some of the innocents standing near the flame jets are burned. Later they learn that this sacrifice would have been part of some larger ritual and there are ovens like this one in each of the camps. In the final room, they meet Commander Eiger and a doctor in the process of creating Mutoids – Princess Zeeona and her sister, Zaya, are also here. Eiger agrees to Rune’s terms of surrender and even shoots one of the Krath soldiers who objects. And it is Rune who must come to the aid of the Krath when Arten and Wells were about to allow the prisoners to burn the Krath in their own oven. Zeeona, grateful to be rescued, insists that she must now go see her father and ask for his help.



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