Tales of the Jedi

Episode 44 – The Return of Dr. Dorlec

The Return of Dr. Dorlec

Detectives Juzo Megure and Ridan Shey discover that Hiruta Krin, the assassin at the Sports Area, was part of some hobbyist group which also included Rast Chinzano (the bagman). They find out that a scientist named “Mr. Reldoc” recently joined who, according to interviews with some of the other hobbyists, was working on some sort of microwave cooking device. Due to parts shipments, they find an address in some run-down, graffiti covered mid-city industrial park. Rune, Arten and Wells fight their way through multiple levels of various droids, including a death-trap with two executioner droids armed with prototype microwave beams that can fire through a plexi-glass barrier. The final room contains the first non-droid opponents – human security forces hired to act as bodyguards who try to cover the scientist’s escape. Before he can get away in a waiting speeder, Myn covers him with her lightsaber. He turns out to be none other than Dr. Dorlec – the out-of-shape inventor of the Retaliators (a.k.a. “Zip-Zap” guns). His lawyer on Coruscant successfully argued that he had to be tried in a military court since he was apprehended at the Troida Military Workshop A6. And since Balmorra has yet to extradite him, he had remained free on Coruscant because of a technicality / loophole. But no longer. Back at the temple, the Jedi Council is upset that Rune went against their wishes by not remaining in the temple but, of course, the result was positive. With less time now available for the knowledge transfer, it’s up to the discretion of Jedi Knight RoTahn Zem whether or not to take Rune along with him to retrieve Ulic Qel-Droma from the Empress Teta system.



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