Tales of the Jedi

Episode 43 – Sidrona is Dead, Long Live Sidrona!

Sidrona is Dead, Long Live Sidrona!

Quia Meday reveals that her boyfriend, Ruhk Grissom, is the true leader of the gang but is lying low until the big day. Since the new Supreme Chancellor is going to be sworn in at the CoCo Town Sports Arena instead of the Senate, the plan was simply to have the swoops fly over the stadium seating and attack; with so many gangers they would overwhelm the Senate Guard. Rune finds Grissom at the apartment location provided by Quia. Ruhk is well educated for a ganger and feels that they should retire the office of Supreme Chancellor after the death of Sidrona Diath. Grissom recognized Rune from the funeral procession which he feels was disrespectful. The Jedi Knight quickly dispatches his lieutenants and takes Ruhk into custody. Myn has been covering for Rune at the temple but Master Sirta takes her to the Sports Area to meet up with Rune. One of the senators is taken out by EMC’s – apparently dead from a heart attack but closer examination reveals some drying out of the clothes over his chest. An extortionist calls Kaneko, the director of the broadcast network televising the historic event. HoloNet News is to pay 50 million credits in low denomination cred sticks and drop it off in the unused locker rooms. Rune forms a plan to apprehend the bag-man, Rast Chinzano, who was armed with a self-made resin gun. After the interference, the extortionist calls and demand one billion credits – a ridiculous amount and sems to indicate that he planned to kill someone all along. While Rune scans the catwalks for the assassin, Myn is in the holonet trailer reviewing old footage. She finds Chinzano in the crowd and different cameras pick him up. But it’s what she doesn’t see which is interesting … All cameras sweeping the crowd but camera #4 made a point of never showing Rast on film (or quickly panning away each time). Rune confronts the assassin who has hidden a new kind of microwave gun inside the camera. They fight while all attention is on the podium. The powerful nature of the weapons makes the fight difficult but Rune is victorious. The new Supreme Chancellor is then announced – he is an alien and is also named Sidrona. During his swearing-in speech he states that “good fences make good neighbors” and that having both the Jedi Order and Senate run by the same man – no matter how great he was – was ultimately at the end of the day, a conflict of interest. If the Jedi Order ever needs the help of the Senate, they will have it of course (and vice-versa) but he will begin to take steps to move the two bodies into a more healthy, mutual beneficial but increasingly separate working relationship.



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