Tales of the Jedi

Episode 42 – Gangland


While dining with a professional escort at a high-end restaurant, Dr. Slivko notices a man staring at him. Later, this man and some colleagues approach Slivko’s table and escort him outside where a speeder is waiting to take him away. Dr. Slivko skillfully eludes the men as casually flies away, steering from the passenger seat while continue the conversation he was having at dinner with the dead driver – his throat slashed. Meanwhile, Master Sirta tells the Council that the sarcophagi have been moved to the moon of Dxun and that she feels a threat to the Senate. Her Force vision included a symbol which turns out to be a gang sign. There is unusual activity in the lower city where gang members have been seen outside their normal turf. The team goes to an abandoned warehouse in which three different gangs are conducting an unusual meet: The Coruscant Chidees, the Booze Hounds and Speed Kills. When they observe girls being brought in as a gift for one of the more despicable gang members, the team can no longer wait. They burst in and it’s all-out war in gangland. After defeating most of the gangs, the leader of the Chidees agrees to explain the plan as long as they let the handful of her surviving gang go free.



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