Tales of the Jedi

Episode 20 - Quarantine


Two suicide bombers detonate explosives at the Fitzhugh Starport, killing several and injuring many more. The starport is evacuated, including some the prisoners which Kerr allowed to escape. Corland Government Agent Nistal Vagan is in charge of the investigation and brings in the Jedi to help interrogate Karl Estovic, one of the prisoners from PD-468. He describes how the female prisoner, Tace Law kissed him but then ran off with Callum Baker. Karl is showing signs of early onset infection. Analysis of the bomb fragments leads to Akopyan Faust, a known terrorist and head of the Timarland Liberation Front. Faust is a criminal whose group will viciously attack Corland civilians to protest the defeat of Timarland by General Fitzhugh. The team decides to split up to deal with these separate threats: Rune & Kerr going to track down the escaped felons and Vaen & Myn going after the terrorists.
Vagan says Corland has been keeping an eye on the TLF and has aerial recon of their base. Vaen & Myn take a speeder to the dessert country of Timarland and are intercepted by soldiers who escort them to the cave. They meet with Akopyan who shows them the threat he is preparing: a room full of explosives and two small fighter craft with which to deliver them. Vaen has a vision of one of the fighters crashing into Stanyard.
Meanwhile, back in the capital, the two prisoners have gone to ground in Baker’s apartment complex. With overpopulation in low rent areas, many people share units and the tall building is packed. Later, we would learn that Tace had been scratched 3 days ago but didn’t tell anyone for fear of being ejected from the basement; she has natural immunity and is a carrier. When Callum had sex with her, he became infected, went crazy and broke out and began biting others on the 14th floor. The infection quickly spread throughout the building.
In Timarland, the negotiations fail. Vaen heroically has Myn escape in one of the fighters while Faust takes Vaen captive and plans on televising her execution. Myn makes it back to warn the others. After dealing with the quarantine situation, the team rushes back and manages to rescue Vaen just in time. Rather than dying for his cause, Faust surrenders and allows himself to be taken captive.



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