Tales of the Jedi

Episode 19 - 15 Days Later

15 Days Later

Tarrant and Lissa are badly wounded and Locke suggests they move to a safehouse he keeps. He also calls in a favor with mercenary Risto Ramez to meet them there. Before they can depart, Arran Fylde calls saying that Warden Lewis was found stabbed and there was an attempt on his life. Fylde promises to tell Rune everything if he agrees to meet in the parking lot of the Stanyard Art Gallery.
Meanwhile, back on Coruscant at the Jedi Temple, padawan Chupa-Pau is talking to Myn Kovani about a variety of subjects including padawan Kerr with whom Odala has a crush. Myn, trying to play match-maker, takes Odala to talk to Kerr where she reveals that Rune and Vaen went off on this mission to help find a missing criminal on a non-Republic world.
Back on Shulimik, Rune meets Arran Fylde who tells him that he received credits from SAI out of which he would pay governor King to transfer certain criminals to the Begam moon of PD-468. SAI agents attack and Rune is unable to prevent the assassination of Fylde by a sniper.
Master Vandar tells Kerr that beginning tomorrow, the padawan will begin by re-learning his Youngling teachings. Instead, Kerr conspires to steal the Sunjammer and tricks Myn into coming with him.
The others meet Risto at the safehouse but it’s already been tossed; they relocate again and Risto goes to the spaceport to let Rune know. Rune steps onto The Crimson Hawk and finds Captain Wells being held at gunpoint by Special Agent Sone (no relation). He disavows the actions of Agent Sone, saying he was operating on his own and against company order. He then reveals that there has been no word from the The Siren, a SAI ship sent to PD-468. The Buccaneer takes off as The Sunjammer is landing. After several hours, Risto finds the padawans wandering the spaceport and confuses Kerr with Rune. The three head to the moon but The Crimson Hawk arrives first …
PD-468 is a barren frozen rock; a moon of the large gas giant Begam. The Crimson Hawk lands next to The Siren outside the research instillation. The SAI agents and Rune make their way to the door in the thin atmosphere and freezing cold. Once inside, it’s a real horror show with the power out, blood stained walls and dead bodies in the hallways. It’s at that time that Jennif calls Rune to inform them that another ship has arrived. Rune, Kerr, Myn, Risto plus S.A. Sone and the other two SAI agents make their way through the facility. Infected prisoners are drawn to the noise and act crazy and attack, one of them biting Risto’s arm, before the group is put down. While exploring the prison, they discover a group of prisoners barricaded in the basement, a catatonic girl in the main cell area and a weak convict locked in solitary who knew about Eckhardt. They also found what was left of the SAI personnel sealed off on the second floor. More is learned about the C-Virus Outbreak and a plan is formed to get everyone out. Certain the Jedis will fail, Commander Jos Wheeler stays behind. Using blasts of telekinetic force, Knight Rune is able to keep back the hordes of Crazies long enough for the large group to make it to the ships. Immediately upon landing at the Fitzhugh Starport, Kerr unilaterally releases the group of prisoners claiming they have suffered enough. Lissa, although recovering from her injuries, is happy to be reunited with her brother. The episode end with Wheeler hearing some noises beyond the door; thinking the group had returned, he opens the hatch and is overrun by Infected.



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