Tales of the Jedi

Episode 18 - Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

After a debriefing with the Jedi Council, Rune and Vaen encounter Channa Quo and her padawan Chupa-Pau speaking with Lissa Eckhardt and Endon Locke in the halls of the Jedi Temple. Locke is a private detective and explains that Lissa hired him to find her brother, Thoma, who went missing after being released from prison. The group flies back on the ship which Locke had booked to get to Coruscant – The Crimson Hawk, whose crew consists of the long red haired pilot Captain Jennif Wells, Navigator Ruce Steiner, engineer Nold “Nolie” Laine, and gunner/medic Che-Li Win. Arriving on the non-Republic world of Shulimik, the ship sets down in the Fitzhugh Starport in Stanyard, the capital city of the nation of Corland. The city is situated atop a plateau surrounded by dense orange clouds that fill the lowlands. The pollution is so bad here that many wear face masks.
Rune flirts with a clerk at the Office of the Department of Correctional Facilities (DoCF) and learns that Thoma Eckhardt’s records are restricted, prompting an after-hours break in where it is learned that Arran Fylde, the Director of the DoCF worked with prison governor Hendrik King and warden Owain Lewis to illegally supply inmates to the SAI Stellar Corporation for biogenetic experiments in return for generous payments. Normally only targeting prisoners without a next of kin, due to a clerical error Thoma’s sister Lissa was not listed on his file. Meanwhile, SAI begins getting nervous regarding all the questions being asked about Thoma and begins the cover-up. Lissa is nearly killed when she is run down by a mysterious black speeder and a squad of SAI agents led by Elite Agent Sone show up to silence the group. Tarrant is badly injured by a sniper and Vaen is gassed but many of the agents are killed, including Sone, and the rest driven off.



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