Tales of the Jedi

Episode 17 - Ghost of the Past

Ghost of the Past

Preparations are being made for the Funeral Procession of Jedi Master/ Supreme Chancellor of the Republic Sidrona Diath. Taking part is a male Trandoshan Knight Druss Shol with a Kushiban (0.5 meter rabbit-like alien) Padawan Jospi Shysa and a female Togruta Knight Channa Quo with female Ortolan (fat blue long snout) Padawan Odala Chupa-Pau. Channa and Rune notice Knight Shol using The Force on the Elite Coruscant Police in the lead car — a disgusting abuse of the Living Force — perhaps too many Knights doing the same has angered The Force? Tarrant is upset that the Princess choose another guardian to sit beside her on the flotilla. As one of the police officers boards the float, he points at Vox and makes a mock “pistol” with his fingers. During the procession, the Jedi sense a disturbance in the Force as Shol kills the Lippe Orreto, Mayor of District B13. This is the hardest battle yet, against elite mind-controlled opponents (both police and Jedi) who the team does not want to hurt, firing at range across on floating platforms. As the fight goes badly, nearby Masters arrive to deal with the situation before more tragedy strikes. Investigating Shol’s quarters, they find multiple charcoal sketches on the walls of the same location. Vox recognizes a landmark in Undercity — The Outlander Club. Based on the angle, Kerr is able to calculate based on the angle that the club could only be seen from a certain place. Rune instructs the Jedi to leave their lightsabers behind in case one of them is controlled. Once there, a Force Ghost appears before them — Lord Satal Keto! Revealing that he is the force behind the killings and that Aleema had used Sith magic to raise him only to be killed again by Qel-Droma. He grants them a vision of the Princess — dying; he’s doing nothing to her — merely simulating a great distance and letting Duke Threnhold’s curse run its course. The three Jedi engage in a difficult battle of wills to try and banish the ghost. During the fight, Horath almost sacrifices too much of his Lifeforce to try and protect Rune and Kerr unbelievably tries to tap into the power of the Dark Side, which only fuels the Dark Ghost. But in the end, Satal Keto — crying out to Freedon Nadd for help — is defeated by the Jedi and experiences The True Death.



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