Tales of the Jedi

Episode 09 - Goodbye, Kirrek

Goodbye, Kirrek

Heading them off at the spaceport, the group manages to rescue the Princess from being raped by the Krath soldiers before being taken off-world (Travis is not there, having gone on ahead). Speeding back through the city, the Knights sense danger from The Skytower. Viscount Mordecai is sacrificing young virgins in the basement in an elaborate ritual where the girls are placed on vertical platforms and connected by tubing, bleeding out through each other. The Viscount knows some Sith magic and is able to create illusion copies of himself and attack the Jedi with magic missiles. He is also defended by more Mutoids — chemically and magically modified girls. The group defeats Mordecai but Force-sensitive blood is spilled in the center of the room, completing the ritual! The team races out of the city in a speeder, trying to return to their ship but bounty killer Mon-Ko Jett is there waiting for them. He uses special smoke grenades made with living “sea monkeys” to blind the Jedi and, together with his other armaments and preparations, it’s all they team can do to slow him down by pinning him under the speeder so they can make their escape. In order, they see the mystical green Vortex envelope the whole city — and two more just like it. The Princess is saddened by the deaths of her people — 3 cities destroyed in a flash. Realizing that she must confront Satal, even if it means marrying him to stop the innocent deaths, she will. With tears flowing down her face she says, “Take me to Koros.”



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