Tales of the Jedi

Episode 08 - Homecoming


As the Sunjammer leaves Ruan, a bored pirate leader opens a channel and demands they jettison half the Phrik which they presume in on board. Arriving back in the Empress Teta System, they land on Zeeona’s home world — Kirrek. She places a veil over her face and dresses in clothes left behind by Soolin but is so beloved that she is still recognized by an elderly couple outside of a major metropolis. In the city, they see Krath soldier everywhere and witness rebels attacking a troop transport. They contact the resistance through Chevner who was trying to stop the Krath from taking more young girls for some unknown purpose. Taken to the Rebel Base in some unfinished underground transport tubes, they meet Avalon, the head of the Resistance, speaking with her other right-hand man, Terloc. Avalon explains that Zeeona is a symbol for the rebellion but the Princess proposes a policy of non-violence to win the hearts of the people and explains that the some of the Krath soldiers are natives of Kirrek. The Rebels gain momentum and knock out a communication relay and signs can be seen that the tide is turning while at the same time getting reports of some unusual activity at The Skytower — the base of Krath operations on this world. However, the Krath troops begin to pull out; the rebels are certain they have won! Zeeona gives a moving speech that today will be known as their Sovereignty Day but it is interrupted by Space Commander Travis as Krath troops and Mutoids appear at every entrance. They begin killing random rebels until Avalon reveals herself, demanding to know who betrayed us. Travis begins to take the Princess and Avalon away and once cleared of the room, the troops begin firing — even killing Terloc who reveals himself as the traitor. Vaen rushes after Travis and manages to delay him for a time although at the cost of her lightsaber.



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