Tales of the Jedi

Episode 07 - Living in Harmony

Living in Harmony

Rune helps lift the curse from the Princess by allowing Master Vandar to transfer the Sith magic out of her and into Javan. No longer in a mental cloud, Zeeona pleads her case before the Senate but is told that her people will have to accept Krath control for the time being. There is another attempt on her life as assassin droids attack in the night. At Vandar’s request, the group stops by the agriworld of Ruan to check on Knight Mij Cadun. Arriving in the rural town of Harmony, the locals stare at the group and are hassled by some hired guns. Vaen gets a vision of what happened to the Knight — killed without his lightsaber; the local sheriff, Mas Shaa, relates how the body was found cut to pieces and left on the street (never caught who did it). While visiting a local mine, the gunslingers hassle Vox when she is alone and this time she kills them. The town asks for the team’s help since they had hired the guns to protect them from a group of criminals being released tomorrow. The Truth Will Out; when the Weequay criminals arrive, the human leader of their gang reveals that the town had hired them to kill Knight Cadun because he had discovered that the Phrik mine was on government land instead of private land owned by the town. However, the thugs started pushing people around so they framed them for stealing Phrik and were sentenced to one year in jail. Hara Beld, the wife of the hotel owner, was the only member of the town who tried to help Knight Cadun. The group helps her leave town and a Force Ghost can be seen in the distance the Jedi Knight’s grave is finally marked …



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