Tales of the Jedi

Episode 06 - Battle of Deneba

Battle of Deneba

[We open with Servalan instructing her girls to take Geela and prepare her while she mediates at the Highest of Hollies, The Place of Rebirth, The Womb of the Mother. Inside, we see her speaking with her Master. She explains that Vox refused to rejoin but he says it is no matter — there was another there he wanted her to observe.]
On Caspar, the Jedi Knights receive a telepathic call from Master Odan-Urr to assemble at The Jedi Conclave on Deneba. Hundreds of years since it last happened, nearly 10,000 Jedi gather in an amphitheater at the base of Mount Meru. Many droids are present to offer water and refreshments although the atmosphere is grave. Master Arca Jeth warns Knight Vaen that one whom she travels with will fall to the Dark Side unless she intervenes. Other Jedi present include Knights Shoaneb Culu and Dace Diath as well as Padawan Daara Raa. Knight Ulic Qel-Droma pulls Javan Rune aside in an attempt to gain support for his radical plan which he presents to the assembly. He suggests infiltrating the Krath to learn their secrets instead of a lengthy war. His plan is immediately met with scorn from many including Master Shavoto. During a recess, an illusion of Aleema appears in the group’s tent; she warns them that Satal is out of control and is about to declare war on the Jedi. Just then, Tetan Corsair ships drop into low orbit and release a barrage of life-pods, revealing an army of fiendishly constructed war droids protected by glowing Sith runes. In addition, the lesser servant droids turn on their masters. Although Jedi Master Arch Jeth fights well by using a short-circuit Force technique he learned during the Great Droid Revolution, he is slain by a Krath War Droid. The death toll is appalling including a group of Younglings who were simply here on a field trip and the circle of Knights who died trying to protect them …



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