Tales of the Jedi

Episode 05 - Stardrive


The group is unconscious when they arrive on the moon of Vo Dasha, Bogga’s Stronghold. Rune & Horath share a cell while Tarrant (armor on, no weapons) & Kerr are kept in another. Vox is being chained and tortured by an Ugnaught wanting to know, “Where is it?” A female Dark Side user in black robes approaches accompanied by two girls in tight white jumpsuits. The woman known as Servalan (a.k.a. “The First”) attempts to re-engate with Vox after seeing Soolin’s death-holo but her help is rejected. On her way out, she is passed by Knight Mortalyn Vaen. Not wanting to leave empty-handed and sensing her potential, Servalan bargains with Bogga to take Geela with her. Princess Zeeona is Bogga’s newest prized slave girl. The den of villainy witnesses a crew member sacrificed to Bogga’s pet Ktriss to gain the loyalty of a smuggler who told he must kill Master Thon. The bounty hunter, Mon-Ko Jett, is at the back watching the events unfold. To gain their freedom, the group engages in separate battle for Bogga’s amusement.

Shortly after take-off, the Hutt ships are strafed by a gang known as the Space Rats who fly small choppers which are so fast they are almost invisible. Vox knows the location of their base and Zeeona deduces that her professor, Dr. Plaxton must have completed her photonic stardrive which uses light instead of plasma to provide thrust. With no hyperspace engine, the team has little choice but to head to the planet of Caspar, the chopper’s homebase. Dr. Plaxton and her assistant Napier are there and are being forced to work by Atlan, the leader of the Space Rats — they just care about sex, violence, booze and speed; no respect for life. After dealing with the gang members, the team takes over the base — the perfect place for the Princess to hide — and installs the Stardrive into Soolin’s transport ship, now named the Sunjammer.



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