Tales of the Jedi

Episode 04 - Time Squad

Time Squad

Having just escaped The Web, Geela travels with the group, leaving her brother behind and the only home she’s ever known. Once the sensors are working again, they detect a distress beacon nearby. It’s a small ship floating with no power and it is brought on board. Find 3 members of the crew in cryogenic sleep and 1 is dead. Meanwhile, the Enforcer One arrives out of hyperspace and brings the group’s transport on board with a tractor beam. One of the pirates is an Auron named Cally and she also received Saymon’s call (she refers to him as “The Lost”). A weasily supplicating Dug named Sebakus arrives and says that they have no quarrel with the Jedi and that Bogga the Hutt requests an audience with Princess Teta. [During a flashback it is revealed that Vox and Soolin stole more than they intended, a jewel known as the Blue Bantha, from a bar owned by Bogga] They are taken to see Captain Bu-Kos, a Weequay who wears the lightsaber of the Knight he killed as a necklace. Meanwhile, one of the crew of the mysterious smaller ship awakens and plugs the ships power into the Enforcer One. Soon, the genetic banks on board begin cranking out the citizens of their lost world — at a ratio of 10 attractive females to every 1 male. There are 13.5 billion brood units in the now devolved genetic banks and the hangar quickly begins filling with the rabid spawn. The pirates are grateful for the help in dealing with the issue but Sebakus still gasses the group for their trouble.



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