Tales of the Jedi

Episode 02 - The Curse of Ronika

The Curse of Ronika

Escape pods set down in separate locations on the prison planet Ronika. Vox is secretly approached by an old friend, Soolin, who offers a way off world if she will split the reward for killing the Princess. Kerr and Horath fall ill and end up at a settlement ruled with religious fear and the promise of a life-saving drug by a man named Vargas. Laran is his strong, loyal servant and Kara, a Cathar female, serves as his priestess. Knight Rune easily deals with a swarm of Singer Moths while on the way towards the Keep. Kara is attracted to Horath but Vargas attempts to sacrifice her. During the battle, Horath willing takes many harsh blows which were intended to kill Kara, who is chained to the altar. Soolin tries to assassinate Zeeona but Vox offers to duel her; Soolin is faster and out-draws her opponent but Vox had secretly given her former lover an empty blaster and shoots her dead.



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